The new guessing board game "kNOW!" From Ravensburger received the coveted Toy Award at the opening ceremony of the Nuremberg Toy Fair.
The board game, which works with the digital voice assistant from Google, won the novelty award in the “Teenager & Adults” category.

Quiz with voice assistance

The innovative guessing game “kNOW!” Has an infinite number of quiz questions. from Ravensburger: “When was the first Star Wars film shot?”, “How far is it from here to Sydney?” or “How did FC Schalke 04 last?”.

Google's digital voice assistant, the “Google Assistant”, has the right answer to these and other questions. The voice assistant is available free of charge for Android and iOS devices or works with compatible smart speakers such as the in-house Google Home Mini.

Mixes elements from the board game and technology: the innovative guessing game "kNOW!" from Ravensburger. Photo: Ravenburger
Mixes elements from the board game and technology: the innovative guessing game “kNOW!” from Ravensburger. Photo: Ravenburger

"KNOW!" offers topicality, variety and always new quiz game experiences in one. The three to six players can prove themselves in four categories - highlighted in color on the game board: knowledge, intuition, creativity and fun.

It is important to ask the Google voice assistant the correctly formulated question, for example, so that it can respond to the answer “Dr. Watson ”or“ Rome ”is coming. Or to name Ed Sheeran's most popular songs at the moment. That should be "Perfect" right now. And then “Shape of you”.

In addition, the players are also allowed to try their hand at tongue twisters, for example, have to complete phrases or recognize pairs of sounds. The winner is the one who has reached the starting field first.

For additional variety, there are new questions and topic specials "in the box" free of charge. These activate certain quiz cards in the game. “Professor kNOW!” Then asks the players questions about Christmas, Easter or a major sporting event that is currently taking place.

Also innovative: if you don't feel like studying the instructions, you can have them explained to you conveniently by the voice assistant and “Professor kNOW!”. In addition, the game lasts as long as the players want. Simply set the digital timer and whoever is in the lead after it has expired has won.

kNOW! is suitable for three to six players and can be played offline from the age of ten and online from the age of 16. Around a third of the questions are available for offline play.

The game has been available in stores in two versions since November 2018: as a pure game edition for 37,99 euros (RRP)
and as an edition including Google Home Mini for 49,99 euros (RRP).

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