Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have announced that Tower of Fantasy's first major expansion, Vera, is now available for free on the official website, App Store and Google Play. Starting today, Steam community members can download and play the full game for the first time with the new Vera expansion.

The Vera expansion features two different environments - the irradiated wilderness of the Pillar Desert and, at its heart, the cyberpunk-style city: Mirroria. At first glance, the glittering city appears like an oasis, offering respite from the rugged columnar desert, but hikers will soon find that it is fraught with danger and conflict.

New opponents, new missions and events

The two new areas in the Vera expansion have a wealth of new missions, events, raids, instances, monsters and legendary bosses waiting for wanderers to conquer. They have new vehicles and weapons at their disposal. The greatest challenge awaits players in the part of the Pillar Desert, also known as the Gray Room. When entering the gray room, the entire environment darkens and a gloomy feeling is evoked. The players can meet the domestic opponents, the gray space entities.

New foes like the Puppet Singer and Shadow Leaper will prove to be formidable foes. The gray space entities all come in many forms and are responsible for the increasing degradation of Vera's already fragile environment. The deadliest among them are known as the Abyssants, and the bravest wanderers who take on them will be handsomely rewarded. Players must also prepare to face powerful new world bosses like the fire-breathing Magma and the deadly cyber-stag, Rudolph.

The expansion also introduces the mysterious new character Ruby and her unique weapon, Spark. She possesses abilities like air blast, blaze dive, dodge and more. With these skills, Ruby is ready to take on any new challenges Vera faces. This expansion also features a secret mission that reveals how Ruby grows up under the good care of Lin and others.

The Vera expansion also offers players the biggest rewards ever: Up to 70 draws and even more if players meet certain conditions and participate in events. This includes the limited-time special event for Vera, the Mirroria Tour. Hikers can explore cyberpunk city and become parkour master in Mirroria to get limited rewards. They can also take part in the Ultimate Weapon challenge to become the most powerful enforcer while earning precious rewards like an SSR relic and more.

Tower of Fantasy is set hundreds of years in the future, after mankind escaped the collapse of Earth's environment and fled to the distant planet of Aida. With a shared, open world, the cross-platform action invites players worldwide to become part of this exciting story. Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, the game features an immersive open world, cooperative group and solo adventures, free character development, unique simulacra, and epic battles where players can switch weapons and playstyles on the fly to create their own personal combat style develop.


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