Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studios have revealed new details about the upcoming 2.1 update of their hit open-world MMORPG Tower of Fantasy. The new Tangled Maze expansion adds a brand new map, Tangled Abyss, which takes players to the perilous depths far beneath the city of Mirroria. There is also plenty of additional content such as new bosses, powers and characters, including Mirroria's combative leader, Lin, who shines with her special Alteration ability.

The 2.1 update: Tangled Maze arrives on November 22nd and brings with it the brand new map, Tangled Abyss, filled with menacing bosses and exciting challenges, as well as the new simulacrum, the mighty Lin. When players enter the tangle beneath Mirroria, they explore the ruins of the third city, filled with diverse terrain types and an endless number of obstacles.

As players venture into the depths of the labyrinth, they will encounter dangerous life forms that inhabit the area. These new and powerful foes have mutated under the influence of the Tangled Abyss, presenting adventurers with entirely new challenges. As usual in Tower of Fantasy, exploration rewards await players as they overcome these obstacles.

Adventures in an underground labyrinth

Also included in the update is the newest simulacrum character, Lin. She is the only daughter of Mirroria's founder and was raised to become his successor. Although she has not yet been formally appointed, the Mirrorians have already recognized Lin as their leader. Due to her intense combat training from an early age, Lin exudes strength and prefers to fight in the front lines, where she delivers overwhelming results. The main feature that makes Lin's strength is her Alteration ability. In Tower of Fantasy, each simulacrum comes with an element, such as "Flame" for Ruby and "Frost" for Saki Fuwa. The division of these elements determines the player's strategy. Lin's unique Alteration ability breaks through this limitation and allows her to wield all elements, allowing players to use her as an all-element weapon.

The recently released Tangled Maze trailer provided a glimpse into the underground world of the Tangled Abyss. Now more details about the different terrain types and breathtaking landscapes are revealed, including the ruins of an unknown civilization. New bosses, exciting challenges, and a 48-player battle royale mode called Destiny's Break are also part of the update. All of this will be revealed in a new trailer on November 22nd.

On their journey through the maze, players will encounter unique terrain features and new areas, including:

Prismatic Pillar: Ruins left in the abyss by an unknown civilization. Many dangerous obstacles are hidden in its endless corridors. Only the flickering light can reveal the traces of the past and the mysteries that lie within.

Souldeep Industrial Area: The industrial area surrounding the scientific research center is riddled with karst caves. The humid and warm environment is a growth paradise for strange mushrooms. As players explore the depths of the Tangled Abyss, new dangerous life forms will lurk in the area. These powerful opponents present you with completely new challenges, as some of the creatures have mutated under the influence of the Tangled Abyss. A terrifying example of this is part of the crystal hoof: Culton's body is fused with a mysterious crystal, forming a strong body like stone.

Tower of Fantasy is set hundreds of years in the future, after mankind escaped the collapse of Earth's environment and fled to the distant planet of Aida. With a shared, open world, the cross-platform action invites players worldwide to become part of this exciting story. Developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, the game features an immersive open world, cooperative group and solo adventures, free character development, unique simulacra, and epic battles where players can switch weapons and playstyles on the fly to create their own personal combat style develop.

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