The MMORPG Tower of Fantasy will receive the big update 22 on November 2.1nd, the "Wizard Maze". The mysterious labyrinth lies beneath the recently appeared city of Mirroria and does not obey the known laws of the universe.

Among other things, players can find the remains of an unknown civilization there. Also, the new simulacrum Saki Fuwa is now available. Saki Fuwa is the team leader of Mirroria's security forces and wields a powerful weapon called the Heart Current.

New update about secret underground labyrinth

The Tangled Maze is a massive, secret subterranean labyrinth located just beneath Mirroria. The matter in this chaotic space does not obey the known laws of the universe. Wanderers will encounter a variety of terrain types and beautiful landscapes in the depths of darkness, including ruins of an unknown civilization.

Also, the newest simulacrum has appeared - Saki Fuwa. As the team leader of Mirroria's Security Special Forces, Saki Fuwa is the only human in the group who has never undergone biomechanical modification. She loves the old kendo martial style and often wears a traditional kendo uniform. Saki Fuwa can enter a state of "Super Flow" - an ability that allows her to fully devote herself to a single action, resulting in incredible increases in her attacks and combat power. Saki Fuwa carries her powerful weapon, Heart Current.

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