In the case of the tactical survival horror card game City of the Dead, all good things come in two. The financing project of the German creative minds behind the survival card game has been running on the Kickstarter platform since May 10, 2017. Interested players can now signal their support and “bake” the project. If you like card games with tactical demands, bloodthirsty zombies and lots of crazy ideas, you should at least find out more about the city of the dead.

Another kickstart for zombie hunters

Given the countless successful campaigns in the past, it should come as no surprise that board games are often and often financed via the Kickstarter platform.

Also the makers of the tactical survival card game City of the dead dare a second attempt. Last year, Florian Möller's team discontinued the project on what is probably the most famous crowdfunding platform. At that time, around a third of the required funding was collected, which means that the card game failed, at least as a funding project on Kickstarter. Because monster hunters are known for their tenacity and tremendous courage, the creators dare a second attempt - this time in two languages, in order to address a larger target group. You can find information about the team behind the tactical survival horror card game if you are interested >>> here  <<<. 

City of the Dead 2.0 now on Kickstarter

The project counter for the financing projects on Kickstarter runs smoothly like Swiss clockwork - but therefore continues relentlessly. The project has been City of the Dead 2.0 set to Kickstarter. Backers can immediately invest 22 euros (early bird) or 25 euros in the project. This time, there are two languages ​​to choose from in the revised version 2.0. In addition to the German version, an English version is also available. The Totenstadt team used the time sensibly to implement an international variant. The target group reach could benefit from this decision.

Fans who bought Totenstadt in the original version will receive the revised version free of charge. This is not very economical for a small development team, but it shows how close the makers work to the community base.

The creative minds of Blood'n'Brain indicate the financing target with 25.000 euros. After about a week, 31 supporters have invested just under 950 euros. There is still a long way to go before you reach your destination, and you have 24 days to reach it. If you want to forego a reward in the form of the English or German game version, you can signal your support by providing a freely chosen amount of money.

City of the Dead 2.0 is a tactical survival horror card game from Germany. Version 2.0 contains revised and completely revised rules and playing cards. For the revision, Florian Möller's team responded to numerous requests from the active community: Among other things, the symbols were improved in order to make the information content of the cards easier to understand and clearer. Overall, the information on the cards has multiplied. Blood'n'Brain achieved this with a simple and efficient trick: playing cards are now played in landscape format and therefore offer more space for text and symbols in the same space.

Kickstarter 2017 Trailer: City of the Dead 2.0

To get in the mood for the crowdfunding project of City of the Dead 2.0 the developers have published a one-minute trailer for fans and interested parties. Some of the playing cards can be seen in the short comic strip. The appeal “Save our world!” shows how close we humans seem to stand in front of the zombie apocalyptic abyss.

Anyone interested in Totenstadt 2.0 or would like to support the tactical survival card game can find the project page on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter >>> here <<<.

As soon as we have a review copy, we will provide you with a detailed article about the benefits of City of the dead inform.  

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