PSC Games' board game for Total War: Rome has celebrated a successful debut on the crowdfunding platform Gamefound. The strategic title has exceeded its targeted financing goal - the theme and game concept are apparently well received. The board game will also appear in German. 

"Sandal films" are part of the TV program like the daily news or the annual jungle camp - and also as a topic for games, the bad things about Rome are regularly used. PSC Games recently secured the license for Sega's Total War release "Rome" in order to turn it into a strategic board game. The idea is apparently well received, as more than 1.100 supporters have already grabbed their shield and sword and let the crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound far exceed the intended goal.

Total War: Rome - war between many factions

The board game for Total War: Rome has now been able to generate around £190.000 with the recently launched crowdfunding campaign. That's the equivalent of a little over 225.000 euros. The board game is based on the video game of the same name by Sega, whose first Roman decoupling is considered the best part of the series, which now includes twelve main parts.

The board game for Total War: Rome will ultimately support six languages, including German. Up to four players can take part in the battles on the gaming table, accordingly there are four factions that players can choose from: Romans, Greeks, Carthaginians and Barbarians. If you buy or support the major expansions, even five players can take part in the war - the number of factions to choose from also increases, but this time by four more. Other factions can be unlocked by reaching stretch goals.

The strategy board game ranges in price from $100 to $260, with the latter being the most complete, giving access to all of the content, including a new game mode about dominating the Roman capital itself. According to PSC Games, it actually has one Gamefound exclusive content.

The game principle is apparently based closely on the video game: It's about a mixture of resource management and war tactics. The game will obviously also be available in stores. As part of the campaign, PSC Games stated that crowdfunding supporters would be part of the first wave of shipments and could secure the board game at a lower price.

PSC Game had previously implemented historical board games, including Paolo Mori's Blitzkrieg or the Rolland-write Rome & Roll.

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