Accessory manufacturer Roccat has been on the market for a long time and has already developed and released countless gaming equipment. Nevertheless, the company is now celebrating a premiere: With the Torch, Roccat is launching its first “studio-grade” USB microphone. The model with a double capacitor offers 24-bit audio and costs around 100 euros.

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Roccat, based in Hamburg, acts as the PC peripheral brand of the listed Turtle Beach Corporation. With the Torch, the accessory specialist has now presented its first USB microphone suitable for studios. The torch was developed for gamers, streamers and aspiring content creators and
is packed with professional features such as 24-bit audio quality, a dual-capacitor design, latency-free mic monitoring and an integrated pop filter.

With the Torch from Roccat, the voice should sound “always flawless”, the manufacturer promises. The stylish and intelligent design is compatible with a variety of shock mounts, boom arms and other accessories. The Torch microphone has the intelligent AIMO RGB lighting from Roccat. "Special lighting zones change their color depending on the setting of the microphone," explains Roccat. "The driverless setup of the Torch makes for a quick out-of-the-box experience."

Roccat's gaming microphone Torch will be available on August 15 for 99,99 euros and is available from today at participating retailers worldwide and at can be pre-ordered. The price corresponds to the manufacturer's non-binding recommendation.

"With its unmistakable look, professional performance and attractive price, the Torch is perfect to grow with you and your passion for streaming and content creation," says René Korte, Roccat founder and general manager for PC peripherals at Turtle Beach. “Gamers watch their favorite streamers and get inspired to create their own content. A studio-quality microphone is no longer a luxury, but an indispensable accessory. We are pleased to be entering a new category of PC peripherals with the Torch and to deliver a perfect addition to our desktop ecosystem with this powerful product. "

The technology behind the new gaming mic: The Torch USB microphone from Roccat is equipped with a double capacitor and offers 24-bit audio with up to 48 kHz sampling, so that a wide range of voices can be recorded and perfectly transmitted. From simple whispers to loud and heated in-game reactions, the Torch delivers broadcast-quality sound for every content creator. Designed for streamers, gamers and aspiring content creators, the torch comes with three preselected polar patterns that enable an effortless out-of-the-box experience. Users can choose between Kardioid - perfect for gaming and streaming -, Stereo - ideal for vocals and instruments - and the exclusive Whisper mode - for recording soft voices and whispers.

The quick and easy operation makes the torch a real experience. The gesture-activated mute function provides a convenient way to mute immediately without affecting the quality of the recorded content. The mixer-style controls allow you to easily fine-tune the settings, control the volume and change the different polar patterns. The Torch also has a 3,5 mm headphone jack for latency-free mic monitoring. Roccat's RGB lighting AIMO is used for the Torch through three different lighting zones that change their color depending on the active directional characteristic or microphone mode. Fully compatible with a large number of boom arms, the control on the torch base is fully retained even when a microphone arm is used.

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