The year 2021 began with numerous surprises. From extreme cold to summery February temperatures, everything was there. And that's not all: the current situation always brings new regulations with it. And what about the gambling industry?

The Top 100 online casinos are completely unaffected by the current restrictions. On the contrary: the year 2021 will be accompanied by an enormous increase in new gamblers right from the start. This encourages the operators to come up with new designs for their slot machines.

There are now an incredible number of slot styles, so that there is the right graphic for every taste. This is not the case in the real city casino. There are a limited number of slot machines there. Often there is little or no difference in terms of structure and software offerings. The result: after a short time, gambling becomes boring and players go home to gamble on the virtual slots. But what will the world of slots look like in 2021? Which topics are currently very popular?

Arcade slots with completely new gaming experiences

In addition to conventional slots, 2021 will be really spacey. More and more one armed bandits can do more than just spin the reels. They offer fun for everyone who likes shooters in space. With the arcade slot, gamers take themselves back to the 90s and tie in with Atari and Co. Opponents could be shot down from their own aircraft.

The closer they got, the more responsiveness was required. In the meantime, the popular arcade game has been modified so that it is also suitable for online casinos: Gamers love style and can take their luck into their own hands.

Arcade slots are now available in different designs. Most of the game scenes, however, are provided with a space background. The year 2021 will offer more arcade slots in addition to this design. In addition, the offer is changing more and more from the two-dimensional representation to the three-dimensional one.

They can be called up via PC and smartphone. Manual dexterity is not required, as the keyboard and touchscreen are sufficient. The connection of a controller and the laborious learning of key combinations are no longer necessary. The focus here is on the fun factor.

Fruit cocktails as the main theme

The best slots have fruits as a motif. Delicious bananas, raspberries, oranges, apples and other fruits invite you to eat. Developers rely on the motifs because many gamblers associate positive memories with the fruits. Also: Here it comes up the psychology of colors

More complex slot images each have multiple colors. This is usually not the case with fruit slots. The banana only has a yellow color, the apple appears in red or green and raspberries are kept in a pleasant shade of red. These colors are not confusing and allow a clear allocation to the winnings. They are more memorable than larger motifs.

Adventure slots - willingness to invest among the developers

Many have already thought about being a hero. Whether Superman, Batman or Spiderman - it is not for nothing that these timeless classics can still be found in children's rooms and in adults' homes. It goes without saying that adventure should not be missing in the casino either. In 2021, some changes will happen with the regulation of online gaming.

The associated developments encourage well-known software manufacturers to program even more slots for online casinos. In the end, this results in an expansion of the slots to become adventure slots.

In 2021 especially, everyone will have to be a hero in order to deal with the current restrictions. Diving into the world of heroes for a moment brings back inner peace. If you don't want to disturb other people while gambling, you should use new ones In-ear headphones for gaming use.

Country slots for travel fans

The subject of travel is also on the agenda of software manufacturers such as Merkur and LöwenPlay. Almost every country can be visited within the online casino.

Particularly popular: Egypt. Many pharaohs, pyramids, snakes, the scarab and magnificent pieces of jewelry invite you to plunder the graves and take you straight to ancient Egypt. The slots are usually held in gold. They symbolize wealth, sublimity and a timeless pharaoh empire. There are always great things to discover within the so-called Cleopatra slots. It is also possible to purchase free shoots.

Las Vegas is the "headquarters" of the casino game.

Las Vegas is the "headquarters" of casino gaming.

Las Vegas wherever you look

Las Vegas is that Gambling headquarters. There are, of course, other cities like Macau that rise in the glory of gambling. If you can't afford a trip to Vegas or Macau and don't have time for a trip to the local city casino, you should bring the ambience of the best casinos in the world into your living room.

Las Vegas slots are one of the most popular slot offerings on the market right now. The motifs are very different and are all about gambling. In addition to gold bars, symbols of luck, diamonds and wheels of fortune, there are also many fruit slots in this category.

Real car lovers get their money's worth

There's nothing like a drive through the summer with the top open. As soon as the wind brushes your hair, the happiness hormones are stimulated. Unfortunately, things look a little different in winter. Snow chaos and cold reduce driving pleasure. Car fans still need the kick and they get it when playing car slots. Many new models will be launched in 2021. New cars also mean new slots, because each vehicle has its own motif.

In addition, auto slots can do a lot more. If you want an elegant chauffeur and want to drink champagne in the limousine, you will get the right luxury slots. These fit jewel slots.

Magic slots for spiritual pleasure

Fairy tales, fairies, witches and mystical magic catapult the player into a whole new world. Magic slots provide suitable motifs, throw in fairy dust every now and then and have their very own character. You will also get new designs and old slots will be expanded. In addition to new visual effects, the audio controls and musical interludes will also change.

The one-armed bandits bring a good balance after a hard day in the office or home office. They belong to the category “New slots for players with high demands in gambling”.