Austria is one of the leading regulated gambling markets where players have access to legal and controlled iGaming platforms to entertain themselves with gambling. This is one of the reasons why ScanTeam has launched, a progressive guide for Austrian players.

Thanks to this young and ambitious project, our readers can distinguish good from bad gambling platforms and set up an account at the best casinos in Austria. Nobody has to take a risk to find out for themselves whether the casino is reputable, because we have already tested the providers extensively and rigorously.

The main goal of is to provide fair and useful reviews of online casinos, provide an overview of slot machines, provide instructions on how to quickly register and claim bonuses, and explain the rules of certain table games. We also care about the safety of the players and check that the casino is reliable enough that we can recommend it.

To lose a few words about the project in general, we should mention that it was launched by ScanTeam in November 2021 with a focus on the iGaming market in Austria.

Here are the aspects that this project covers:

  •         Reputable casinos in Austria and licenses that these platforms should have
  •         Mobile compatibility and tips for playing on iOS and Android
  •         Reviews of new slot machines and table game rules
  •         Tips for playing blackjack, poker, and other games with dealers
  •         Everything about promotions and wagering requirements
  •         Explanations of the demo mode and free games directly on the website

In short, it's kind of an encyclopedia where readers can familiarize themselves with new gambling terms, read expert summaries, and easily get in touch with other gamblers, especially if there's something to be said about a casino or game , because we always appreciate the opinion of every player! lists casino. Image: lists casino. Image:

Functionality and interface

The experts at not only select trustworthy casinos with practical user interfaces, but also make the project completely intuitive and easy to navigate. We believe the faster you can find the information you are looking for, the better it is for us and for you. That's why we care about our design as well as small but practical details to allow easy navigation.

On the main page you will first find an article that explains how gambling in Austria works in general and whether it is legal here. Also, in the top menu and footer, you will find links to pages where you can read more about certain payment services accepted by Austrian casinos, casino games including live games and free slot machines, and a whole range of information about bonuses .

And since is not just about practicality, the design is also beautiful. We don't bring anything that could disturb, so the white background is a good solution so that you can easily see bonuses and other appealing banners without distracting attention from the bright colors of the layout. All in all, newbies will find a lot of useful details here, while experienced gamers will navigate within seconds and find relevant information on all iGaming topics.

The individual casinos have their own scoring boxes. Image:

The individual casinos have their own scoring boxes. Image:

Social media

We have done our best to make the official website simple and useful. However, if you prefer social media to this type of website, we understand and cover that area as well. We have channels on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, and whoever subscribes to them will have access to the latest news, regular notifications, and summaries of reviews and blog articles that we offer.

If you are a YouTube customer you will get access to short videos in which we describe how casinos work in Austria, where to click to make payments or activate promotions and how the slots we have presented work. These videos only cover the most important parts, such as the bonus features of games or essential aspects of casinos that you should know about.

Founder and team of

It is likely impossible to get into the gambling sector without the support of people who can boast of great experience. So was made with the help of founded. The extensive track record of the projects started by ScanTeam so far will certainly also be evident in this project.

Here's how the following collaboration will improve the results readers will have access to:

  • There are enough opportunities to test Austrian casinos on multiple devices
  • The ratings of games and operators are based on research by experts who double-check all the details
  • The team knows all aspects of the casino market in Austria
  • All of the company's employees are enthusiastic about gambling and also share personal experiences

 It is not the first gambling project that ScanTeam will start in 2021. Still, this release strengthens the company's presence in the European market and makes gambling more accessible and recognizable in the regulated markets out there!