There are also five board games among the nominees for the Top 10 Toys 2020. “Inspire, encourage, stimulate the imagination”, at least that is what the Federal Association of Toy Retailers expects, and this presumably also applies to buyers and all those who are supposed to play with the “toys” after buying them. Every year the trade association puts ten toys on a hit list, this year too. Five board games are also hot candidates.

Every year at the toy fair in Nuremberg, retailers from the toys segment show what they have to offer. That was over 120.000 new products recently, and it is almost impossible for consumers to keep track of them. The Federal Association of Toy Retailers lends a helping hand to playing kids and - also annually - chooses the best toys of a year. In 10, the top 2020 will be selected from a total of 39 nominated toys.

A jury decides on the best toys

The jury will have to make tight decisions again this year. The 39 nominees for the best toys of 2020 have it all: flashing, interactive, clever, creative, sporty, innovative, technical - the toys can be described with a wide variety of attributes. For the manufacturers, the awards are essential as sales arguments, especially with a view to Christmas: an award increases the chance that the toy will end up under the fir tree.

Anyone who thinks that only modern gadgets are nominated is seriously mistaken. With the Toynamics railway construction kit, a kind of toy evergreen is on the nomination list. That is not surprising: the toy promotes role play and communication, the jury believes - and is probably right about that. If you look back at your own childhood, you will quickly see yourself in your mind's eye at the switch circuit or as a bridge builder or train driver or locomotive derailleur.

In addition to plenty of bling-bling toys, this year there are also five board games from various publishers, including Piatnik, Rudy Games and Kosmos. The nominated parlor games differ significantly in terms of their concepts, so parents and grandparents can draw on unlimited resources when it comes to putting child-friendly games under the Christmas tree.

Activity knock out von Piatnik competes as a nominee for a place on the hit list of the best toys. The board game is not geared towards toddlers, but appeals to those players from the age of twelve who favor titles where speed is of the essence. It's about fighting a knockout battle, hourglasses are ticking along and ensure plenty of stress, but also a good mood. The jury of the trade association liked the concept - apparently so much that Activity knock out* was able to secure a place on the list of nominees - and that among competitors such as Transformers, Playmobil and Co.

Piatnik's Activity Knock Out appeals to children aged 12 and over. Image rights: Piatnik

Piatnik's Activity Knock Out appeals to children aged 12 and over. Image rights: Piatnik

The children's board game also comes from Piatnik Llama Express. And at Llama Express* It is, hardly surprisingly, about llamas - but on a big world tour. Players travel to four continents by train - only Australia is omitted due to the lack of train connections. In the end, it's about getting your llamas back home as quickly as possible. Because the animals are sometimes stubborn, there are intermediate stops.

Innovation comes - again, you might almost think again - from Austria, more precisely: from Rudy Games. Once again it will be a board game with app support, but this time in cooperation with a top brand on the toy market - Carrera. The racetracks, which almost everyone knows from their own childhood, makes the leap to a board game.

The highlight: Thanks to app support, children - probably also many adult fans of the brand - can unpack the game and get started right away. The software explains what it's about and what players need to do. “More action, more speed, more fun” is the proclaimed motto for Carrera Crazy Driver. Just drive next to each other? Not with this board game: nasty opponents lurk in the rearview mirror to push racing drivers off the track. The board game with pp support costs around 35 euros and is aimed at players aged eight and over. Two to four racing drivers take part, a game lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, which shows that basic endurance at the table is required.

The board game with app is the result of a cooperation between Rudy Games and Carrera. Copyright: Rudy Games

The board game with app is the result of a cooperation between Rudy Games and Carrera. Copyright: Rudy Games

Goliath Toys is also competing for one of the ten coveted spots on the top list with a board game. carcata is the name of the dice game by Roberto Fraga, who is behind titles such as Dr. Eureka, Spinderella or Captain Sona is stuck. Players, ages eight and up, dare to take a trip to a volcanic island.

Preview Product Rating Price
Carcata strategy and author game Carcata strategy and author game * 19,82 EUR

“Each tribe tries by tactically skillful use of its dice actions to gain its own sphere of influence
enlarge, take the opponent out of the game and collect most of the gemstones that the volcano spits out ”, so the description of the game. Surprises always create moments of tension. It gets even better: every action of the other players has an impact and together you have to keep an eye on the movements of the tortoise. The board game costs around 40 euros.

"Dodo - save the wobbly egg!" stands out due to the grandiose table structure. Image rights: Kosmos

"Dodo - Save the wobbly egg!" stands out due to the grandiose table structure. Image rights: Kosmos

Carcata was not only nominated for the “Top 10 Toys 2020” award, but also for the “Golden Rocking Horse” in the family games category. With this title, Goliath throws a hot candidate for the top list places into the race.

Also represented among the nominated toys is the Franconian publisher Kosmos - with the animal board game "Dodo - save the wobbly egg!". Touted as “fun for the whole family”, there is plenty of action on the program.

The board game focuses on a haptic element: The task is to bring the rolling wobbly egg safely to the foot of the mountain together. Building materials have to be rolled, resources have to be collected and bridges built. Speed ​​is required here - and that is exactly what should appeal to children in particular. According to the publisher, the board game is suitable for ages six and up. The game costs around 30 euros and is one of the favorites among the nominees for the top toys 2020 due to its table structure.


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