Chip Theory Games' hit board game Too Many Bondes is available in your German localized version via Frosted Games. This is already a small sensation in itself, but it gets even better: As announced by Frosted Games and Chip Theory Games, they also want to prepare other future crowdfunding campaigns for the German market as part of the new cooperation.

Chip Theory Games and Frosted Games are delighted to announce their collaboration to bring Chip Theory's games to the German market. Frosted Games plans to localize current and future Chip Theory products, including the hugely successful Too Many Bones (TMB). Chip Theory Games was able to generate around 270.000 US dollars as part of the Too Many Bones crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter at the time – 42.000 US dollars were planned.

Frosted Games: Partnership also includes The Elder Scrolls

And of course that includes the highly anticipated board game adaptation of The Elder Scrolls. Frosted Games also plans to partner with all future Chip Theory crowdfunding campaigns where possible. "We've long admired Chip Theory Games for their enthusiasm, quality, and creative work that looks beyond standard board game designs and narratives," said Matthias Nagy, Founder of Frosted Games. "And their passion for every detail of the games fits very well with our company philosophy."

Frosted Games will be collaborating with Chip Theory Games in about a month with a pre-sale campaign for Too Many Bones. According to Frosted Games, this will be followed by collaboration on the crowdfunding campaign for Burncycle and Hoplomachus: Victorum and Cloudspire, should capacity allow.

In any case, Frosted Games will also be there for the fall launch of The Elder Scrolls, according to the publisher's announcement. Additionally, Frosted Games will edit and distribute the existing translation of the previously unreleased version of Too Many Bones from the last crowdfunding campaign. All future German Too Many Bones titles will be published by Frosted Games. The versions of Chip Theory and Frosted Games will be identical.

"Frosted Games stands for uncompromising quality down to the smallest detail of production, as seen in their localizations like the German version of Aeon's End and Clash of Cultures, but also in their own games like Watergate," said Andrew Chesney, COO of Chip Theory Games. "So they fit perfectly with the high standards of chip theory games."

"We know what our fans expect, and Too Many Bones and the other chip theory games fit that perfectly," said Benjamin Schöner, editorial director at Frosted Games. "TMB has been on our radar for a long time and we look forward to a long-term collaboration with Chip Theory Games on Too Many Bones and all future projects."

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