Gamegenic, the company responsible for innovative, high-quality gaming accessories and part of the Asmodee Group, is proud to announce a partnership with Tolarian Community College. At the heart of the partnership is The Professor's first-ever Kickstarter campaign for a brand new and unique deck box.

With nearly 700.000 subscribers, the Tolarian Community College YouTube channel is the largest influencer for Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon, to name a few, and has been providing in-depth coverage and insight for nearly a decade.

"The Professor" brings its own deck box into play

"The Professor" of Tolarian Community College said, "After eight years of reviewing Magic: The Gathering products and accessories on my YouTube channel, Tolarian Community College, it's time to bring my own deck box into the game to bring, the box of my dreams. I can feel the trust my fans have in me, so I can only deliver the very best. So I was very careful in choosing the best partner for this project.”

Adrian Alonso, Head of Gamegenic: “'The Professor' is known for his high standards and expectations when it comes to gaming gear and always has a critical eye on what's in front of him. This aligns perfectly with our own philosophy, our attention to detail to always create new, innovative and quality solutions for gamers around the world
world to develop."

He also said, “It's not every day that you get to develop a product for such a cornerstone of the TCG community as 'The Professor'. We were very excited and proud when he first approached us with this project and challenged us to create something that would meet all of his needs and requirements.”

The Kickstarter campaign will start on March 15, 2022 and end on April 14th. The Professor has ensured that the community is engaged throughout the campaign through various polls and that there are numerous social goals and stretch goals that hold many surprises for fans and supporters.

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Tierra del Fuego FEU63564 Terra Mystica: The Merchants Tierra del Fuego FEU63564 Terra Mystica: The Merchants * Currently no reviews 31,99 EURAmazon Prime

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