Collecting retro games, old consoles and games, is a fun but also not a cheap hobby. Since 2010 in particular, the prices for some systems and their games have risen significantly. If you want to pursue this hobby as cost-effectively as possible, you have to show a little commercial skill. Because with some research and strategies, cash can be saved. What exactly these steps look like will be revealed below.

Research prices

In order to be able to determine a reasonable purchase price for yourself, the market price must first be known as the basis for this consideration. Thanks to the Internet, this can now also be researched very well. Even for products that are only available as used goods. eBay and Amazon offer the best places to go for this. In particular, the completed auctions and sales on eBay provide information about how often and for what price certain products have changed hands. Because completed transactions also reflect prices actually paid. It is not uncommon for these - at least for more expensive games - to be a good deal below the instant prices that many online retailers ask there. That is why you should always use the average auction prices achieved as a yardstick in order to identify and avoid overpriced offers.

It's not just eBay and Amazon

As good as eBay and Amazon may be for finding prices - when it comes to browsing for games and consoles, it is worthwhile to stroll off these beaten paths. Because the offer on these two platforms is the largest. However, there you have the most competition, so that cheap offers often do not last long and numerous other bidders drive up the prices at auctions. It is worthwhile to be on alternative platforms, to go to flea markets or to rummage around in second-hand shops.

Tips for collectors of retro games
Flea markets are gold pits for fans of retro games. Those who search hard and visit the markets in their region will sooner or later find real treasures.

Which system should it be?

The price differences between the various consoles and their peripherals as well as games can sometimes fluctuate considerably. Much of this has to do with the prevalence of these products. PS2 games are comparatively cheap. On the one hand, because it is not yet perceived as very much retro. On the other hand, because it is the best-selling console of all time. The secondary market is correspondingly large. However, there are also corresponding titles on the PS2, which are quite seldom but still in demand. However, these are not often the games you would think. Because what was popular in the past is still available today in large quantities.

When doing price research, you will quickly find that the different systems are priced very differently. For example, Nintendo and Super Nintendo modules can sometimes be more expensive than new top titles. Especially if the original packaging is still there. So if you start collecting on a small budget, you may want to stick to systems that are currently not as competitive. PS1 and PS2 games as well as original Xbox games are much cheaper than the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and N64 modules. Because there has been a run on this in the last few years that has whipped the prices up there. Even if these are now leveling off again a little.

The same applies here: Don't always walk on the beaten path!

The crowd does it

Tips for collectors of retro games

A reliable tactic to save cash is to buy in bulk. Again and again people offer entire bundles and collections and part with their games. On average, you usually get much cheaper individual prices than if you buy games individually. And not just because of the shipping costs! Here you can shoot real bargains and with a bit of luck you will have a game or two with you that would already be considerably more expensive in the individual price than the cut that you ultimately paid for in the bundle. And what you accumulate in duplicate titles, you can sell it yourself and thus partially bring back the expenses. Or you can keep it, provided that you are in contact with other collectors, as barter goods. Even if this tactic is a bit more expensive at first, it is clearly the cheaper option in the long term.

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