First information about the new gameplay elements in the eagerly anticipated fantasy shooter looter, available from March 25, 2022.

2K and Gearbox Entertainment have released tons of new information about gameplay in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands in the first of several planned-release updates. Today the focus is on the Killomant and Brr-Serker classes, new magical locations such as Assgauls Castle, the mechanics of spells and melee combat and much more.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: Colorful!

At Tiny Tina's Wonderlands-Game Guide the individual features are presented in more detail and in the first Developer diary Matt Cox, Creative Director of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, has a say.

The new classes in detail

The gaming experience of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is all about creating the perfect hero character through extensive optical customization options and a diverse multi-class system for individually configurable class skill trees. Two of these classes, Killomancer and Brr-Serker, are presented in more detail here:

  • Killomancer are deceitful assassins who aim for critical hits and twirl their magical blades on the battlefield, only to merge with the shadows again. Skilled killomancers skillfully exploit the weaknesses of the opponent and unobtrusively pull crucial targets out of circulation, so that enemies have often lost before they understand what has just happened.
  • Brr serker are tenacious, frost-filled thugs who, in addition to their firepower, can also master a variety of brutal attacks at close range. They are hardened warriors who come from the icy mountains. Even their ancestors trained their bodies not only to withstand the bitter cold of the icy winters, but also to be able to use them. When in conflict, Brr-Serkers prefer close range combat and act on the front lines like a maelstrom that promises an exceptionally icy death.

Diverse new locations

From mushroom forests to pirate caves, players can explore a variety of diverse areas on their adventures. The fantastic locations are not only visually unique, players can also discover specific story missions, interesting side quests, unique enemy types and more as the game progresses. Places to explore include:

  • Splendid hoof is the crown jewel of Queen Arschgaul's lush territory and the adopted home of all bunker fans and badasses. Although the honored Diamond Guard tirelessly protects the capital of Wonderlands, this metropolis has (recently) been plagued by nefarious villains.
  • Assgauls Castle, Burg Glanzwelk, shimmers brighter than the most sparkling star and is more magical than the most magical magicians. The shine of the castle is so bright that it bathes the entire kingdom of the queens in eternal light.
  • The Sun tooth oasis seems to be the ideal retreat from the merciless heat of the desert in Wonderlands, with lush greenery, dazzling lagoons and colossal ruins of bygone civilizations. But careless travelers, lured by these soothing vistas, only notice the cruel tortuous creeps as it is too late.
  • The Tangle drift-Beanstalk pulled entire mounds of earth up with it as its trunk grew into the sky, creating its own ecosystem high above the clouds. Some residents have adapted to the ridiculously airy lifestyle and made the most of their skyrocketing home. But even cities in heaven are not safe from all dangers.

Rise of the Skeleton Army

In the course of their epic quest in the fight against the Dragon Lord, players will encounter a wide variety of monsters, from legged sharks to living skeletons:

  • The Skeleton army: Those who died in Wonderlands rested peacefully in the ground until this insane Dragon Lord reanimated their remains and turned them into soldiers in his steadfast skeleton army. These bony minions don't seem to remember their mortal past; instead, they focus their entire undead existence on attacking the players with deadly weapons and devastating mockery.

With popular cult characters

  • Tiny tina is the most dangerous 13-year-old in the world. She's totally into rabbits, sugar, and explosives. As a bunker master, Tina created the Wonderlands, a magical playground to inspire her friends.
  • Ass horse is a magical diamond two-horn (and thus twice as good as a unicorn) that, as queen, rules over the Wonderlands from her capital, Prachthuf.

Explore the upper world, magic and hand-to-hand combat

In Wonderlands, players can explore fantastic locations that are connected by the vast overworld and, in addition to powerful firearms, use spells and melee weapons:

  • The Upper world is an unmistakable homage to pen & paper role-playing games, in which players can watch from a bird's eye view as their characters run around on Tina's detailed game plan. The heroic proportions of the characters are reduced to miniature size in order to explore the many nooks and crannies of the board.

    Some discoveries are small - a shortcut here, given a few gold-filled chests - but maybe it's a completely unknown, optional area that other adventurers completely miss.

  • Magic work is just really fun in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Most spells have short cooldowns for intuitive, flexible, wrist magic combat. Some spells make short work of opponents, fry them with flames or throw them into the air with a mini tornado, others are more tactical and give the heroic group, for example, protection or reduced cooldown times.
  • The Close combat completes the arsenal of characters in Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. In addition to firearms and spells, the character can permanently equip a melee weapon to use at any time in combat. It will certainly not replace the gun in your right hand or the spell in your left hand, but it can be worthwhile to weave a blow or two into the maneuvers.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will be released on March 25, 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and exclusively through the Epic Games Store for PC.

Further digital stores for PC will follow in the course of 2022. The game can now be pre-ordered for all starting platforms and at players can sign up for the game's newsletter.


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