Today 2K and Gearbox Software announced that Shattering Haunted Glass, the fourth DLC for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, is now available. It is already included in the game's Season Pass or can be purchased separately. The latest content pack features the new Blightcaller class, more character creation options, a new boss, and incredible loot.

The core of Shattering Haunted Glass is the brand new Blightcaller class, which allows players to harness the poisonous essence of the swamp with powerful precision. There are also new ways to customize Destinybringer, including a brand new voice.

The fourth Tiny Tina's Wonderlands DLC

Shattering Haunted Glass begins in Dreamveil Overlook, where players must confront Vesper's most personal Mirror of Mysteries yet. Shattering Haunted Glass opens a window into Vesper's memories, which are haunted by visions of Redmourne the Trivern, a powerful multi-headed beast that feeds on fear and draws its power from lost souls. Defeating this winged beast is the only way to help Vesper escape her past.

Blightcallers are adept at dealing elemental damage, especially poison, and they can further increase elemental damage when applying a status effect thanks to their class feat, Putrid Whispers. With this new class, players have even more multiclass variants to explore.

New character creation options also include a new voice for the Grimm personality, with a deliciously lurid touch. There are also other ways to change the starting stats through new backstories: Nerfed by Bunker Master, Clown Blood, Apprentice Barnacle Scratch, and Gossenkind Success Story.

New boss, four weeks of fighting and new loot

In the weeks following the release of Shattering Haunted Glass, new villain Redmourne, the Trivern, will return and regenerate his element-spitting heads, ready to unleash terror with a series of new attacks. With each increasingly challenging battle, new legendary loot is added to the loot pool, giving players a good reason to challenge it again.

New legendary loot and a wide range of fresh cosmetic items await alongside the random drops as rewards at Vesper's Wheel of Fortune after defeating Redmourne at least once.

Completing Shattering Haunted Glass adds four unique level layouts and the boss fight against Redmourne to the Chaos Chamber pool, the endlessly replayable endgame of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. This expands the myriad combinations of the random dungeon to make each run that much more unpredictable.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and for PC via the Epic Games Store and Steam.

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