Today, 2K and Gearbox Software announced the release of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Hold: A Wonderlands Adventure Once Upon A Time. Players can now enjoy the beloved Quest from 2013 as a standalone title at a price of 9,99 euros on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, via backward compatibility for Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5, as well as on PC via Steam and in Epic Games Store, where it will be available for free until November 16.

Tiny Tina's storming of the dragon fortress: The ever popular Tiny Tina presents a unique Wonderlands adventure in her first own story, in which she takes on the role of the Bunker Master in an exciting 'Bunkers and Badasses' game.

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With her, the fans enter a world that sprang from Tiny Tina's imagination. They embark on an epic quest of revenge and reparation and immerse themselves in dynamic and fantastic environments full of castles, dungeons and magical forests.

When it was first released in 2013, critics hailed Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Hold as one of Gearbox Software's most ambitious and impressive add-on quests, and IGN enjoyed "some of the best gaming experiences and stories in the series." Today's standalone release combines the chaos and fun of the original with all-new loot and cosmetic content.

"Tiny Tina's Assault on the Dragon Fortress is one of the most important pieces of content Gearbox has ever created," said Randy Pitchford, executive producer of Tiny Tina's Assault on the Dragon Fortress. “With the original Dragon Fortress, not only did we introduce an entirely new genre to the critically acclaimed Borderlands franchise, we also created and developed some of Gearbox's most impressive gameplay and story elements. I'm delighted that Tiny Tina's original adventure is now available to a new generation of players and that even long-time fans can return to the place where the story began to relive the magic that Wonderlands inspired. "

Tiny Tina's storm on the dragon fortress: A unique Wonderlands adventure appears with an age rating of 16 years and over.

In addition, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, the brand new fantasy adventure from 2K and Gearbox Software, is available for pre-order now and will be available on March 25, 2022 for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and exclusively through Epic Games Store released for PC. Further digital stores for PC will follow in the course of 2022.


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