The puzzle adventure Tin Hearts from developer Rogue Sun and publisher Wired Productions has won the Gamescom Award 2022 for "Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Game". Tin Hearts is a gripping love story wrapped in a video game guise. 

Tin Hearts is an enthralling love story wrapped in a puzzle-adventure guise. The title is set in an alternate version of the Victorian era, where players lead a squad of mischievous toy soldiers through a world of beauty, magic and mystery. From the creators of the Fable series, Tin Hearts may be about small toys, but a big heart beats in its chest. Tin Hearts is coming to Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PSVR, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and Meta Quest 2.

Immersive puzzle adventure game

Publisher Wired Productions and crafted interactive entertainment maker Rogue Sun are pleased to announce that Tin Hearts, the immersive puzzle-adventure game coming to PC and consoles this winter, has been honored during the Gamescom Awards 2022 hosted by IGN at Gamescom -Studio has been declared the Most Anticipated Nintendo Switch Game.

Tin Hearts is brought to life by the former members of the Lionhead Studios development team responsible for the critically acclaimed Fable series. Tin Hearts is an immersive puzzle adventure game set in an alternate timeline Victorian universe. It's about the story of love and compromise by Albert J. Butterworth, a genius inventor of the Victorian era.

Players command a squad of mischievous toy soldiers through a magical toy-filled world with a variety of whimsical and imaginative ideas to make them bounce, shoot and slide to their destination. More than 40 puzzle-filled levels can be played. 

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