The French hardware and accessories manufacturer Thrustmaster is launching the Eswap X LED Crystal Color Packs for the Eswap X Pro controller for Xbox Series X | S and PC. 

Thrustmaster now also offers its transparent, backlit modules for the Eswap X Pro Controller to Xbox users, previously reserved exclusively for PlayStation gamers. The background lighting can be set to three levels: Off, 50 percent and 100 percent. Gamers can use their backlit modules with full brightness during the day and adjust the intensity at night, which is easy on the eyes. The backlight calibration is available for three modules: the two mini sticks and the D-pad.

Gaming with handling and comfort

As with the previous packs from the Eswap X Pro controller ecosystem, a second set of caps for the mini sticks is included, which allows players to choose between a convex or concave shape for optimal grip. In addition, the ultra-soft handles, which were specially designed for hardcore gamers, offer a completely new level of handling and optimal ease of use, even during long gaming sessions.

After the new Eswap X LED Crystal Color Packs were initially available exclusively for PS4 and PC, the next-generation analog mini-sticks (NXG) with the Eswap X S5 NXG Mini-Stick Module are finally also available for Xbox players.
Compared to the ministicks of the previous series, gamers benefit from the improved physical resilience (+33 percent), the higher precision when resetting (+66 percent) and the double lifespan of the integrated ministick buttons (+100 percent).

The features of the controller:

  • The first pack of transparent, backlit modules for the Eswap X Pro controller (with adjustable backlighting).
  • New, more robust, and more precise, next-generation mini-sticks (NXG).
  • With T-MOD technology and the hot-swap function, gamers can swap out any module at any time in the game.
  • Modules and action buttons with the highest precision and minimal reaction times thanks to particularly sensitive tact switches with a long service life.
  • Free software for Xbox and PC for adapting all important gamepad functions (game setting, remapping, sensitivity, vibration).

The two LED packs will be available from July 29, 2021 at an RRP (including the applicable VAT) of EUR 49,99 each.

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