I think it's time to make some board game recommendations for children again. After all, in some federal states school started again a few days ago and in addition to learning, children need a lot of entertaining variety - away from the TV at home.
In the following article I will introduce you to three exciting board games for children: Crazy Coconuts, Schatz Rabatz as well as spider venom and toad slime. In order for children's board games to make it onto my recommendation lists, they must have an easily understandable set of rules and encourage board games over the long term; at best, board games for children also encourage cognitive and motor skills.

Crazy Coconuts

3 great board games for kids
Three great board games for kids

The children's board game Crazy Coconuts from Pegasus Spiele is aimed at children aged 5 and over. Two to four motivated players look for the new Monkey King in short games (10 to 20 minutes). The board game by game designer Walter Schneider relies on lots of movement on the gaming table. Core element of Crazy Coconuts is a beautiful monkey figure made of solid plastic, with the help of which the children throw coconuts into cups that have been set up. The more hits a teammate lands, the closer he gets to the infamous monkey crown that will make him king of all monkeys. With the enclosed action cards, exciting special actions can be started, which add a few elements to the game and thus ensure long-term fun. The target exercises with the coconut-throwing monkeys are not only fun, they also subtly promote hand-eye coordination. The investment of around 22 euros is worthwhile, because it is suitable as a family game Crazy Coconuts outstanding.

Spider poison and toad slime

Spider poison and toad slime: what goes into the cauldron? Hex, hex! This recommended children's board game from Kosmos Verlag makes children's hearts beat faster. Disorder and chaos are known to be ideal topics for children and the goblin is also rid of the game board of spider venom and toad slime - in the truest sense of the word. The cheeky guy has messed up the whole witch's kitchen and the little fellow witchers can't find the ingredients because of the mess. That describes what happens in the game pretty precisely, because the ultimate goal is to find the ingredients that were believed to be lost (spider poison, toad slime, stinky mushroom, beaverweed, mouse droppings, choke roots). Those who find what they are looking for put a magic chip in the cauldron as a reward. The winner is whoever breaks the cauldron and creates a monster. The children's board game combines various game elements and serves as the perfect introduction to the board game business: set up playing pieces, use chips and draw and memorize cards.

Spider poison and toad slime is a motivating children's board game for 2 to 4 children from 6 years of age. Due to some small parts, toddlers under three years of age should refrain from witchcraft. The theme is modern and absolutely unisex: girls and boys of elementary school age love magic and witchcraft!

Sweetheart Rabatz

The exciting children's board game comes from Noris Spiele Sweetheart Rabatzthat requires a lot of skill from 2 to 4 children from 5 years of age. The nomination for Children's Game of the Year 2015 does not come out of nowhere. Schatz Rabatz shows creativity and is one of my personal favorites in the field of children's board games - not just for 2015. This board game has what it takes to become a real evergreen - I give my pirate word of honor. The award-winning game designer Karin Hertling is behind the idea of ​​packing the treasure chest. On the beautiful background story: The pirate captain Raffzahn has had his day and is about to retire from robbers. Time to find a worthy successor. And how could a pirate better test his offspring for suitability than by collecting treasure chests from wild treasure islands?

Every crossing to the island should of course be paid for and so Juwelen-Jack takes a part of the rich booty from you: What the greedy boatswain casts an eye on, however, changes. Thus, of course, priority should be given to collecting treasures that you don't want to have at the moment. Whoever can give the most treasures to Capt'n Raffzahn three times wins and is allowed to sail under the pirate flag from now on.

The great game material consisting of four plastic treasure chests, 40 wooden treasures, the pirate ship puzzle cards and an hourglass makes a wonderful impression and makes children look astonished. The game system relies on a mixture of skill and luck. The high speed of Schatz Rabatz is ideal for encouraging children to see three-dimensionally in a playful way.

So get on the sails!