Three new board games for children: With Turtle Mania, Happy Hopping and Bubble Trouble, the Kids Fun series from Pegasus Spiele has grown three times over. The novelties for the whole family and children from the age of five or six impress with fun play concepts that focus on dexterity and clever play materials.

With Honey, the first part of the Kids Fun series was released by Pegasus Spiele in 2021. In the game by Anna Oppolzer and Stefan Kloß, two to four players aged five and up try to collect as much nectar as possible from colorful flowers. A good memory and hearing will help them find the winning nectar chips in a meadow of 3D flowers.

Pegasus Games expands Kids Fun series

Three more titles in the children's game series are now available: Turtle Mania, Happy Hopping and Bubble Trouble. While the sea creatures are playing hide and seek in the coral reef, the dreaded shark is up to mischief in a gorge nearby. In Bubble Trouble, all players try together to get as many sea creatures as possible safely back to the reef. To do this, the bubbles of the bubble anemone must be skillfully thrown across the playing field set up on the ground so that they land on the animals. If an animal is hit, it swims back one step towards the reef. Any animals not hit will keep moving towards Shark Canyon. When there are no more animals on the playing field, the game ends and players score points for all rescued animals. The game of skill from five years by Michael Kallauch is suitable for up to four people and as a solo game. An optional time limit provides even more challenge.

On the sunny Turtle Island, turtles cavort on the sandy beach to enjoy the warm rays of the sun. Unfortunately, space is limited. When it is your turn in Turtle Mania by author Reiner Knizia, you pull a turtle out of the common bag and try to push it off a jetty onto the beach. However, if other turtles fall into the deep end, they must be collected as punishment. As soon as a person has three turtles of the same color or five turtles of their choice in front of them, the game ends. Whoever has the fewest turtles wins. If you want to win the quick-to-learn game of skill for two to four players aged five and over, you need a little luck and above all a steady hand.

In Happy Hopping by Kirsten Hiese, frogs hop back and forth through the ponds on the hunt for colorful mosquitoes. An insert turns the game box into a three-dimensional playing field. Over eight rounds, the players from the age of six let their frogs literally jump around with the help of a finger or the wooden hopping stick. A distinction is made between speed rounds, in which speed is required, and normal rounds, in which each frog is allowed to jump once. Whoever completes the round goal receives mosquito and ladybug chips. After the last round, it is shown which mosquito color is valued in this game. The two to four players now reveal their mosquito chips - whoever has caught the most mosquitoes of the value color wins.


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