Preparations for the third quarter are also in full swing at Asmodee. In the past few days, a number of other innovations have been announced. In addition to an expansion for an expert game, there is a family game with a holiday feeling and supplies for all puzzle fans.

In autumn the days become shorter and grayer again. Notwithstanding this, Asmodee is already beginning to bloom the first novelties to be available in full bloom in the third quarter. There are supplies for alien archaeologists and escape game fans. A new family game has also been announced that will take players to the beaches of Hawaii. One of the games has already been announced for the beginning of the third quarter. The other two are scheduled for release mid-quarter.

Excavation Earth – The game is still too new to belong in a museum

In what is now the second expansion excavation earth, the name "This belongs in a museum” carries, the galactic museum opens its doors. The crew members are now being trained as museum guides, making the artifacts of the blue planet (Earth) a unique attraction. The expansion contains four additional modules (5-8), which can also be combined with the modules of the first expansion, "Phase II". Two new tribes are coming in Module 5 "Seekers and Commanders". The Feinmort tribes (seekers) have a special interest in the preservation of historical cultural assets. That makes them the top contributors to the galactic museum. The Mazz-Un Admiralty are known for their leadership and are held in high esteem on the mother ship. Module 6 (mysterious artefacts) allows to reconstruct technologies of the extinct inhabitants of the earth. In the galactic museum (module 7), crew members must be trained to become museum guides who display the unique artifacts and make the museum visit a unique experience. The last module offers the possibility for quick buys and sells with pop-up markets. However, their emergence is unpredictable.

Like the basic game, the expansion is suitable for 1-4 players aged 12 and over. The playing time is from 30 minutes upwards. The expansion is scheduled for release early in the third quarter.

Maui – Find the best spots on the beach

Locals and tourists alike are drawn to the new tile placement game Maui on the beach. They try to secure a good spot for their towels. The task of the players is to give them a helping hand. Players fill their own beaches by placing towels near the water or in the shade of trees and umbrellas. That's where you get the most points. However, caution is advised here. If it gets too crowded in these areas and towels are outside of the private beach area, there are negative points. In your turn you choose a towel tile from the market and place it on your own beach. This is how towels with the same pattern are connected. Alternatively, sand dollars can also be used. These can later be used to buy targeted tiles. The game ends as soon as a beach has 12 tiles.
The crab variant offers even more challenge. Here the players have to avoid the crabs.

The family game is recommended for 2-4 people from the age of 8 and the playing time is about 30 minutes. The publication date is given as the middle of the third quarter.

Unlock! Game Adventures - Immerse yourself in the world of popular games

The Unlock! series offers the feeling of live escape rooms at home. Only with maps and supported by an interactive app that guides you through the adventure and provides suitable sounds, a real escape game feeling is created here. Unlock! Game Adventures is the tenth box in the successful Unlock! series and contains three adventures based on popular board games. It goes into the world of Zug um Zug, Pandemic and Mysterium. In Train to Train Adventure, players experience the adventure of a lifetime as they travel across the United States. In the Pandemic adventure, players must secure the future of humanity while a pandemic threatens the world. The Warwick Manor is the setting for the mystery adventure. Here the players experience a dark murder investigation full of visions.

Auch Unlock! Game Adventures should be published in the middle of the third quarter. The three cases are suitable for 1-6 people aged 10 and over. You have to reckon with about 60 minutes per case.

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