Eternal Embers is the title of the new expansion for the action role-playing game Titan Quest, which THQ Nordic surprisingly released today. It is now the fourth expansion for the action RPG with a mythological theme. Titan Quest: Eternal Embers is available for around 20 euros for PC Steam.

The action RPG Titan Quest is over 15 years old: The game was released for Windows PC in 2006, but years later it was also adapted as a mobile game and released as a new edition for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Several expansions appeared over the years: First Immortal Throne, then Ragnarök and Atlantis. Now THQ Nordic has surprisingly provided the fourth expansion.

Eternal Embers: New Loot and Four Acts

In the new Titan Quest expansion Eternal Embers, players enter the mystical realms of the Far East. Legendary creatures from Asian mythology - including the Jade Emperor, the Ten Suns and the Dragon King of the Four Seas - are part of an epic story that includes four new acts. Over 30 different types of enemies and bosses stand in the player's way and a new championship becomes available. For fans of the action RPG there are a few more hours of gaming fun.

With the legendary powers of the old Neidan masters, the blessings of the demigods and the will of the old emperors, all power is practically in the hands of the player. This is implemented on the screen, among other things, with new weapons and new equipment, new relics, new types of potions and additional game modes.

The reception of Titan Quest is mixed: If the base game - despite some strengths - got away with an overall solid rating, the console versions fared differently: There was sometimes clear criticism. The quality of the first add-on Immortal Throne was far better, and it was well received by critics and even better by fans. After two more moderate interludes, it is now up to Eternal Embers to fill the action RPG with new life - and at best qualitatively convincing content. The general data sound promising: According to the publisher, the technical improvements include: improved rendering and better performance, improved loading of areas in dungeons and gamepad support.

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