In the last few days there has been a lot of speculation, now the rumors are coming true: Today Nintendo announced a new presentation on its own website as well as on social networks. Contrary to the hopes of many, however, it is not a Nintendo direct comprising several games, but a Pokémon direct.

After a list of GameStop, including 12 placeholders for unknown games, was posted on Twitter last week, everyone's hopes of a Nintendo direct soon sprang up.

There was speculation on February at the latest. Nintendo put an end to this speculation for the time being and announced in the social networks as well as on a new presentation.

"Only" a Pokemon direct

With this announcement came the disillusionment for some gamers that it is "only" a Pokémon direct. Apparently new information about Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Metroid Prime 4 was expected.

Nevertheless, we can be curious what to expect. Will the potential of Pokémon Go! Are we still exhausted or can we expect completely new adventures? It is somewhat certain, however, that news about the game Pokémon Sword or Shield will be revealed.

Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have regularly managed to surprise the gaming scene. We will find out whether they will succeed in doing this again on Thursday January 9th see. The Pokémon direct starts at 15.30 pm our time and is expected to take 20 minutes.

A stream has already been created on the Nintendo YouTube channel and so you don't have to search for it first, you can go up here directly:



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