Board gamers can look forward to expansions for Santa Maria, Sagrada, Detective, Paper Tales, Onitama, Magic Maze, Roll Player, and Alien Artifacts in spring. The publishing house Pegasus Spiele is expanding the successful worlds of the mentioned titles with new content. Whether campaigns, combinable modules or material for additional players: the upcoming expansions will noticeably extend the lifespan of the various Pegasus game titles.

“Spring awakening” at Pegasus

Forms the prelude Santa Maria with the extension American Kingdoms, which will be available in stores at the end of February. The four contained modules can be added to the basic game in any combination and allow, among other things, the game for five. New elements, such as the resource cocoa or the Maya people, give the cube-controlled expert game fresh impulses.

Auch bei Sagrada is diligently thrown on. The colorful family game got off to a great start in the summer of 2018: the first edition was already sold out due to pre-orders before it was released. The situation was similar with the subsequent editions. In March, the first expansion will appear, which not only contains material for a fifth and sixth player, but also new secret missions and a practical dice bowl. In addition, it gives players the option of playing with their own stocks of dice and thus being able to plan better. The modern crime board game Detective makes a leap in time and puts the players on the expansion LA Crimes to Los Angeles in the 80s. As an investigator of the local police force, the players can solve three new cases connected via a metaplot. Every now and then they have to interpret the law a little more generously in the best Axel Foley manner.

While the players in the board game Detective Always trying to stay on the right side of the law, the players loot in Magic Maze continue the fantastic shopping center. With the small extension Shady characters the players receive individual tasks. This can also include sabotaging the break-in and making sure that the group fails unnoticed.

Shady characters are also drifting on PaperTales their mischief. In The gates of the underworld everything revolves around the alchemists and necromancers who break the boundaries of permitted knowledge in search of occult power. In addition to new units and buildings, the expansion also offers a solo mode and all the material for a sixth and seventh player.

The "Monsters & Minions" expansion is available for the Roll Player dice game. Image: Amazon
The expansion “Monsters & Minions” appears for the roll player dice game. Image: Amazon

In Roll player, the tactical dice game of hero creation, huge monsters and their nasty lackeys make their entrance with the Monsters & Minions-Extension. Instead of shopping at the market, up to five players can now use their actions to fight against lackeys and collect valuable information about the monster that all players have to fight at the end of the game.

To Santa Maria: American Kingdoms in February the Sagrada extension, Detective: LA Crimes and Paper Tales: The Gates to the Underworld together with a small extension to the two-player strategy game Onitama in March. Then follow in May Magic Maze: shady characters, Roll Player: Monsters & Minions as well as the card expansion The breakthrough for the sci-fi card game Alien artifacts.

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