As in the past few weeks, three new projects have started this week in the game forge. The relationship between titles that have already been financed and titles that are still off target is currently very balanced. Four titles have reached their goal and the other five are still missing one or two blacksmiths.

The four days left for financing fairyland has collected a quarter in addition to the actual goal. The one in the forge one day longer Pilgrim reached three times the set target. Also overshot the target Unfair, which is currently almost 225% financed. It is still available for support for 18 days. The last project that has already reached its goal is SubDown, which will be available until tonight. Both little fine ones Of course it will continue this week.
The Artemis Odyssey is only just below the set target with 19 days remaining. This is currently 93% achieved. Farther away from the target Hoard. One day less available in the forge, the first third of the targeted financing amount has not yet been reached.
The three newly launched titles have all not yet reached their goals.

Eila & the glittering something - Lead the brave rabbit through an exciting adventure

This is a story-based adventure game. The eponymous heroine Eila discovers something glittering on a mountain. She boldly embarks on an exciting adventure. The players guide them on their adventurous journey.

The story extends over five chapters with different structures and varying rules. Thanks to the prologue from the comic book, the players immerse themselves in the respective chapters. To advance the story, they uncover event cards and make decisions. Each decision can trigger further events that occur immediately or later.
After all cards have been revealed, the night phase begins. Here an energy cube or life point is given off to symbolize the passage of time. The cards from the future zone are shuffled and a new day begins.

The goals depend on the respective chapter. If one of the chapters has been successfully completed, you will learn from the comic book how the story about Eila continues. Depending on the choices made, the story will take a different course. The game can be saved between chapters. For this, the Habit, Item, and Support cards collected throughout the game come to the side. When a new chapter begins, these cards will come in handy or change the course of the game.

Eila & the glittering something is recommended from 7 years. Each chapter plays in 30-45 minutes. It can be played solo or with 2 or 3 people in a group.
With 32 days left, the game is already almost two-thirds funded. Those interested can play the game here support.

Senjutsu - Exciting samurai duels

The game is themed in the Senguko era. This is the Warring States Age. Everyone controls a personal samurai warrior and competes against the others in exciting duels.
Before each duel you can either put together your own deck or choose from one of the ready-made decks. The ability cards are divided into four categories. Basic ability cards are available to everyone. However, more powerful and unique special abilities vary from samurai to samurai.
The Kamae Path and Kamae Ring system give the samurai additional tactical options to take advantage of ability card bonuses. Kamae is a term used in Japanese martial arts to describe the basic stance or starting position of the fighter. The Kamae consists of the outer and the inner posture.

The rules are uncomplicated and a game is fast-paced. Everyone chooses an ability card from their hand and places it face down in front of them. At the same time, the selected cards are turned over and the samurai with the highest initiative gets to act first. senjutsu not only rewards the fastest samurai. Acting last creates other tactical opportunities to perform powerful actions as well.

senjutsu is a game for 1-4 players that lasts around 20 minutes. It is recommended for ages 14 and up. It will be in the game forge for 33 days. If you want to join in the forging, you can here do.

Climbing anchor - With the little ones in the jungle

With climbing tendril now starts the fifth game of the little fine ones into crowdfunding. Here the players end up in the jungle. The players take on the role of hunters from a people who live on a rocky plateau that is only connected to the ground via the Pi`i Pua "climbing flower".

Everyone receives a certain number of vine cards. The start and finish cards are placed four card lengths apart in the center. The player whose turn it is may choose from three possible actions. When climbing, a hand card is played. Then the person moves up to the number of steps indicated on it. When exploring, the person whose turn it is draws a new card and moves one space forward. The last possible action is capping. The person takes a card that is on display and no other person may be on it. Cards with Blossom allow two actions in one turn. Bug cards block the way. The person who reaches the target square first wins the game.

climbing anchor will be like everyone else little fine ones be available for a week.

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