The US publisher Pandasaurus Games has announced The Wolves, a new strategic board game for up to five players. Pre-orders are possible from the end of August - the title will then also appear in a small contingent at SPIEL in Essen. 

"We are very excited to announce our latest strategy game," said Pandasaurus Games. The publisher had previously published games such as Dinosaur Island, Dinosaur World and Tammany Hall. The Wolves will be released in October. Pre-orders will be available from August 22nd and include a free promo.

Board game at the SPIEL in Essen

Pandasaurus Games also wants to take the new strategic board game to SPIEL in Essen. Subject to any logistical problems, the aim is to provide a contingent of games for particularly early buyers at the fair. 

The Wolves is a board game for two to five players, ages 14+. According to the publisher, a game lasts almost 75 minutes. The idea by Ashwin Kamath and Clarence Simpson and with illustrations by Pauliina Linjama is based on an area control concept with action selection. The game board is also modular.  

The basic idea of ​​the theme is based on the Darwinian approach of survival of the fittest. The Wolves is of course about the eponymous animals: wolves. Players must build the strongest pack by claiming territories, recruiting "fighters" and hunting prey. A little twist: Rivals can lure members of their own pack away.

At its core, it is about an action selection mechanism that controls the decisions. For each action, players must turn over terrain tiles that correspond to the terrain on which the action is to be performed. The highlight are double-sided game tiles that already determine actions for the next round. Ultimately, it's about developing the most aggressive strategy possible in order to emerge victorious from the competitive board game. 

Pandasaurus Games lists the price for the strategic board game The Wolves as around US$50. 

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