The free-to-play AR title The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be released on July 21 for smartphones and tablets with the Android operating system or iOS. It is developed and marketed by Spokko, a studio founded by CD Projekt Red that focuses on the development of mobile games. 

Smartphone players can go hunting for monsters again on July 21st. This time, however, the focus is not on cute Pokemon, but on the bloodthirsty creatures from the Dark Fantasy Middle Ages of The Witcher. The Spokko studio, founded by CD Projekt Red specifically for the development of mobile games, is responsible for the game, which appears under the title The Witcher: Monster Slayer for Android and iOS.

The Witcher: AR game invites you to hunt monsters

There isn't much information yet. All that is known about the story is that it should play "a long time" before the events of The Witcher series. And in the perfect time for such an AR game, in which "monsters roam the country in large numbers". This seems to be an ideal setting for monster hunters.

Players take on the role of a rookie witcher to find and fight creatures against a backdrop of location-based gameplay and augmented reality. Android users can already pre-register for the game. There is a small bonus for that.

There is already a teaser announcing the release date:


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The short teaser shows different types of monsters that players encounter on their hikes. It can be assumed that The Witcher: Monster Slayer is also based on those AR titles that are already known for Android or iOS devices, such as the offshoots from the Pokemon or Harry Potter franchises. Players wander through their residential streets, discover different types of monsters on the mobile phone screen and then defeat them with the help of various touch gestures. For this, rewards are presumably in the form of various items and level advancements.

Because the game is a free-to-play title, in-game purchases are expected to be available to monetize the title. In principle, the following applies to games of this kind: You can basically achieve anything for free, but that takes time. Whether and to what extent players will also be involved in PvP battles is open. It is also not known whether there will be raids. However, one can assume that the Pokemon AR game also offers such an opportunity to have several players compete together.

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