CD Projekt Red has announced a new installment in The Witcher saga. Given that what happened at the Games Developers Conference, one could even assume against this background that talented people are being sought for the development of the game. That is not confirmed. By the way, there is not more than a teaser for the new part of The Witcher series, but it already has it all.

The announcement came as a surprise and hit like the witcher's two-handed sword: CD Projekt Red made the promise with The Witcher 4 that a new saga would begin. Witcher Geralt should be history at least as a protagonist. Another indication of this is the teaser image published by the developers, which shows a completely new witcher school.

New Witcher medallion in the snow

Witcher Geralt was one of the wolves, there are also snakes, bears, griffins, cats - and probably another, previously unknown school. At least that's what the picture suggests, which shows a medallion lying half-hidden in the snow. Apparently, CD Projekt Red actually wants to tell a completely new story with the new The Witcher saga. Nothing has been confirmed so far, so there is a lot of speculation.

After all: shape, ears and nose (can you see cat whiskers there?) suggest some cat-like creature. If we had to guess, we would currently most likely bet on a kind of snow (leopard), maybe also a lynx. In any case, the graceful animals would go well with a witcher school. The fact that the symbol is in the snow of all places should not be a coincidence, but a clue. The Eurasian lynx, for example, had its distribution area, among other things, in those regions that should also ideally fit the Witcher series.

So far it is known that The Witcher 4 will be based on the Unreal 5 engine and will apparently make a technological leap. Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney commented:

“Epic built Unreal Engine 5 to enable teams to create dynamic open worlds on an unprecedented scale and at an unprecedented level of fidelity. We are deeply honored by the opportunity to work with CD Projekt Red to collectively push the boundaries of interactive storytelling and gameplay, and these efforts will benefit the developer community for years to come."

So it will obviously be an open world game again, and you would hardly have expected anything else in view of the great success of the predecessors.

What will The Witcher 4 be about? That is completely unclear. CD Projekt Red has not commented on the story or a possible release date for the new Witcher part. However, it seems obvious that witcher Geralt has had its day as an adventurer, at least as a main character. The new medallion and the explicit announcement of a "new saga" suggest that. It is currently unclear whether and to what extent Geralt will appear in another Witcher game.

In any case, fans shouldn't expect the release of The Witcher 4 in the short term: Even with Cyberpunk 2077, the developers made it clear that you sometimes have to wait a long time for a game. Even if a release date should be mentioned at some point in the near future, there can still be significant shifts that require patience from fans when it comes to the actual release of a new Witcher part.

The fact that the developers made the announcement at the Games Developers Conference of all places could indicate that they are looking for staff for the project. But that too is ultimately a guess. If that's the case, you might take that as an indication of a very early stage of development. After all, the cooperation with Epic Games regarding the use of the Unreal 5 Engine could streamline the development process on a purely technical level.

That CD Projekt Red announces The Witcher 4 so suddenly comes as a surprise. Basically it is not surprising: The Witcher series is one of the most successful video game brands ever. The trilogy has sold millions of copies worldwide and has received plaudits from fans and critics alike. For the last part, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the developers still rely on their in-house REDEngine, which according to CDPR will continue to be used for the Cyberpunk 2077 add-on.

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