The success of the Netflix series for The Witcher 3 not only pleases the creators of the television show, but also the developers of the video game at CD Projekt. The Witcher 3 recorded about as many active players as Red Dead Redemption 2 at weddings on Steam. The sales figures for the video game are likely to have increased significantly again.

The Witcher 3 had already sold better in 2019 than in the previous year - and that despite the porting for Nintendo Switch at the time of publication of the numbers has not yet been available. Now the success of the new Netflix series should ensure that the witcher will flush a few more coins into the coffers of CD Projekt.

Wild Hunt: More players at the same time than on the release day

The Steam databases SteamDB or Steamcharts, but also Valve's own statistics show: The video game for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is currently being played by more players at the same time than on the day it was released around four years ago. The databases recorded more than 94.000 playing fans. 

This puts the witcher even ahead of established free games such as Path of Exile or Warframe. The previously published series offshoots, The Witcher 2 and The Witcher, have positioned themselves in the top 100 again. The good numbers should please CD Projekt - and they only apply to Steam. Because The Witcher is also available through other sales channels, the Steam data only represents part of the recurring success. 


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The Witcher 3 presents itself as an exceptional title due to the success of the series. Even highly acclaimed games will normally no longer reach the number of players on the day of publication in the future - especially if the titles are purely solo games. A few days ago, The Witcher 3 made the headlines with current player numbers: The action adventure had more simultaneously active players than the Western hit Red Dead Redemption 2 at peak times. 

The game's success is also thanks to skillful distribution. Just in time for the start of the Netflix series, The Witcher 3 was available in many shops and as part of sales at low prices.

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The timing for the start of series production was also chosen wisely: the Christmas business and the holiday periods are likely to have had a positive effect on sales of the video game and subscriptions to Netflix. Around four years after a successful start for PC and consoles, the Witcher series is celebrating a real revival. And because a lot currently revolves around the witcher for fans, the book templates will probably also be popular products.

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