The winner has been determined and, at least for me, the award from Camel Up is a bit of a surprise, as I tapped Splendor and kept my fingers crossed for the title. With the strong competition in the Game of the Year 2014 category, every nominated board game could have won without any problems. Now there is no better time to put the winner under the microscope in a test. Have fun with the board game Test by Camel Up.

Exciting camel race for everyone

The background story stays, attention, discreetly in the background. The players are transferred to the desert of Egypt and take part in the competition for the crazy camel races. Special story tricks are included camel up not to be expected, because this board game relies on pure fun and ignores all factors that would delay the start of the game. Uncomplicated entertainment is available camel up first of all. The game idea is simple, but always exciting and full of emotions. Bets exude their very own charm and are as easy to place as they are understandable. The camels are anything but slow, because in one round the two humps can cover decent distances and surprise one or the other player with their stamina. After an average of 4 to 5 stages, the game moves towards the climax. When a camel has crossed the finish line, the game ends. The higher the number of players, the greater the luck factor. With the full number of 8 players transforms camel up from an exciting competition to a shallow party cracker.

The camel race is playful and visually convincing.

The game equipment is excellent. The great workmanship of the individual game components ensures a long shelf life. The cards are pleasantly thick and can therefore survive even small accidents that cannot always be avoided on game evenings. The extensive equipment is impressive and does not immediately suggest the simple game idea of ​​the board game. The pyramid in the middle of the board and the stackable wooden camels are other notable highlights of camel up.

The high happiness factor creates joy and anger. These emotional moments are also one of the strengths of camel up, because so often there is cursing and laughing during a game in just a few board games. The understandable rules ensure that camel up is an ideal family game for in between, which especially challenges younger players to a limited extent, but entertains them excellently. Adults take their fun from the advantages and disadvantages of competition, because one person's joy is always another's pain. Smaller betting strategies can be worked out in order to achieve the greatest possible profit. So if you lose too often in horse betting, you should definitely camel up try out.


Number of players: 2 to 8 players
Age: from 8 years
Playing time: 30 to 40 minutes
Difficulty: easy
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Pegasus Spiele
Author: Steffen Bogen
Year of publication: 2014 
Language: German
Cost: 20 Euro


There is currently no better board game when it comes to camels. Up to 8 players can have uncomplicated and fast fun with Camel Up, which also lasts over several board game games. Simple bets are accepted and the low predictability ensures an exciting gaming experience.

Andre Volkman