A bitter conflict has been smoldering in our society for decades, unnoticed by the general public. It is more than just a confrontation between different worldviews. It is about nothing less than the question of which icons our children should emulate and who has the authority to interpret style and beauty in art. And about whether Batman or Spider-Man is the cooler one.

We are, of course, talking about the rivalry between the comic book universes of Marvel and DC. The debate about which of these fantasy worlds is better has sparked over comic books, continued on the big screen, and has now reached video games as well. So it is high time to clarify once and for all which side is right.

Console, PC, smartphone

Shortly after the first game consoles saw the light of day, Marvel and DC conquered them with the first action games. DC started in 1979 super man In 1982, Marvel went along with it Spider-Man after. Since then, game developers have launched dozens of games for both sides, including platform games, puzzle games, and role-playing games.

But software manufacturers for casino games also like to use superheroes as a theme for new slot machines. For a long time now it is no longer enough to just build fruit symbols and jokers into the machines, because here too, in addition to profitable functions, players expect action-packed gameplay. On top of that is the Awarding of free spins Not uncommon in online casinos and with these slots can be tested free of charge, at least for a short time. There are offers from both sides for every platform and for every type of gamer. The individual games are sometimes better, sometimes worse. But which of the two conflicting parties is most convincing overall?

By numbers

While DC was a little faster in getting into video game marketing, Marvel clearly has the edge when it comes to the numbers. More than 150 Marvel games have appeared since 1982, while DC only has 90 titles. Most of the digital appearances can also be claimed by a Marvel superhero, namely Spider-Man. He has swung across the screen 47 times and kicked criminals in the buttocks, not counting guest appearances.

Whether Batman and Superman are cool enough, that question remains with toys too. Photo: pixabay

Whether Batman and Superman are cool enough, that question remains with toys too. Photo: pixabay

The number 1 at DC, Batman, is hot on his heels with 43 games. He can also score points with the critics: on the platform Metacritic is Batman: Arkham City With 96 out of 100 points the best rated comic game of all time. Still, the winner by the numbers is arguably Marvel.

By genre

But numbers are not everything, of course. Because among so many comic book games there are also some real rivets. But what about the flagship titles? Who delivers the better overall show here? In the open world games category, DC clears away with Arkham City. They also have the best MMO online with DC Universe.

In the crossover fighters, however, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom clearly wins. And the best too Lego adaptation Marvel can claim for itself, because there is no DC adaptation so far. Overall, DC is probably ahead in terms of the quality of the games, if only by a small margin. Otherwise, Marvel would have to be declared the clear winner, and it would be a real shame to just settle this traditional feud.