In the last top list of the best board games for adults, I looked at games from the Fantasy & Adventure category. This time I want to awaken your sense of crime and ensure the right thrill on board game evening. So which category would fit better than Crime & thrill? Below are my top 5 best board games for adults from the Crime & Thrill category!

Mr Jack

This strategic crime game is designed for two players. Mr. Jack offers a perfect game balance so that the duels are always fair. However, the criminal part is a little harder to play. Practice also makes the master thug. The central question is: Who is mr jack The investigator has to find the correct answer within 8 rounds. If he doesn't succeed, the player who took over the role of Mr. Jack wins. Oh ... and should Mr Jack Leaving the city successfully, he also wins, because as an escaped criminal he can no longer be found.

Each player plays all the pieces on his side, but they are moved in a predetermined order. Each figure has individual special abilities that can be used strategically. While one figure swaps places with another, the next can simply walk through the walls of houses. This results in nasty maneuvers that cause some surprises in the course of the game. With Mr. Jack, after each round there is a chance that he will be briefly visible (here the crime game is similar to the classic Scotland Yard) - depending on his position next to a lantern or in the dark. The investigator acts through a process of elimination ... until Mr. Jack could be exposed in the end and the most notorious serial killer in history is under lock and key.

Cluedo - Sherlock Edition

The successful crime series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch as the crazy Sherlock Holmes serves as a template for the classic board game Cluedo, which made it to number 4 on my list. With Sword arm, Schmarrn and without a melon Cluedo Sherlock the ideal crime game for fans and board game detectives. The rules are known, you can start playing right away. The charismatic figures of the series template fit perfectly with the traditional Cluedo setting. Budding detectives and masters of deductive logic can be found in the crime board game Cluedo - Sherlock Edition from Winning Moves Verlag the perfect title for exciting evening entertainment.

Crime total

Who doesn't just play crime games, but wants to experience them, is with the game series Crime total well served. Each episode contains a complete crime story designed by expert crime writers. The great thing is that the background story is not just a neat accessory, but the central component of this game. In Krimi Total, the players do not move any pieces. They slip into one of 9 roles themselves and act according to their role descriptions. The following applies: The better the acting skills and the more the players get involved in the extraordinary gameplay, the greater the fun! You can forget who you really are after an intense round of crime.

Each Crime Total Package is well equipped, takes players by the hand and guides them through the game. Even beginners can have fun right from the start. 8 to 9 players, ages 16 and up, experience pure crime thriller entertainment. Krimi Total replaces the crime scene every evening!

Predicate particularly valuable and therefore among the top 3 of the best crime games for adults!

Le Fantome de l'Opera

The mysterious phantom creeps through the Paris Opera - and you are right in the middle of it instead of just there. The game concept is reminiscent of Mr. Jack, which is not surprising, is the game designer of Le Fantome de l'Opera but also Bruno Cathala. The name of the game already reveals that for once it is not about Jack The Ripper. The game principle, however, also relies on the use of deductive logic and is designed for exactly 2 players. This is both a curse and a blessing. Because this game is not really detective. But the great tactical maneuvers that are required to uncover the phantom of the opera compensate for this. If you are into real head nuts, you will get by Le Fantome de l'Opera be thrilled. The relatively simple, but demanding, game principle is exhausted over time. However, this is more often the case with pure 2-player games. The Phantom of the Opera is ideal as a snack between meals. The graphic presentation is impressive and perfectly captures the mood of the story. The great illustrations are even fun to look at!

Logic fans take it without hesitation. Fans of epic crime board games, on the other hand, should take a look at number 1.

The Whitechapel File

Anyone with a little knowledge of the history of London's underworld will sit up and take notice when the district "Whitechapel" is mentioned. None other than the serial killer Jack The Ripper was up to mischief there in the 19th century and terrified the East End of London. This is exactly where the crime board game comes in The Whitechapel File on. Our beloved Scotland Yard is the father of the game idea: In the well-known one-on-one manner, the players on the Scotland Yard side hunt the notorious murderer Jack The Ripper, who is of course embodied by a particularly malicious player. His nocturnal atrocities regularly bring him to light and provide clues to the detectives' whereabouts. The highlight of the crime board game: Each game consists of 4 rounds, which are based on the historical facts of the criminal cases and thus give the board game a wonderful atmosphere. While Jack The Ripper scouts his next victim to ultimately hunt them down, the detectives collect evidence at the crime scenes. Each of the four game rounds consists of 2 exciting game phases - hell and hunt. In the hell phase, the action is in the foreground. Jack The Ripper tries to kill his victim, and the cops try to prevent that from happening. In the hunt phase things get hotter, because then the men from Scotland Yard hang close to the ripper's heels and try to surround him and arrest him. 2 to 6 players have a lot of fun with this crime thriller board game, which not only stands out from the crowd with its ingenious game idea, but also comes along with an absolutely harmonious finish. The graphic representation of the game board is successful, the wooden markers look nice and support the flair of the 19th century. Stale is at The Whitechapel File still nothing. This crime game deserves its place in the top five crime board games for adults.