After the top 5 of the best board games for adults in the Crime & Thrill category and the top list for the Fantasy & Adventure category, there are now further recommendations so that adult board players can get off to a good start in the autumn of board games. In this post I would like to address all economic experts who cannot keep their hands off numbers and economic analyzes even in their free time. Ok, of course it won't be that dry - sorry to all business economists out there. The top 5 best board games for adults - Economy & Building Strategy category includes games in which smart economic thinking is more important than bravado, in which economic analysis is more helpful than manipulated lucky dice and in which moral decision is the last thing that will help you to victory.

Hotel tycoon

The family board game Hotel tycoon rolls up the field from behind. Although this board game from Asmodee is the perfect entertainment for the whole family (with children from 8 years of age), even purely adult game groups have a lot of fun with Hotel Tycoon. This is not least due to the wonderfully simple gameplay reminiscent of Monopoly. A total of 8 hotels are spread across the board and want to be bought by insatiable real estate sharks.

The game is divided into several phases, so that a hotel is not quickly bought and then cashed out.

In order to build a hotel, the players first need a building plot. So, becoming a landowner is the first step in your journey to fame and fortune in the hospitality industry. The required building permit must be obtained with the help of a special cube before the purchase of the first hotel building follows in the third step. Hotel entrances are then the key to success, and the hotel mogul can only throw overpriced bills around if guests can also spend the night in the hotel. The money earned now flows into new title deeds.

The winner is the last one standing – who has practically become the lonely “Wolf of Wall Street”. For 2 to 4 players, ages 8+, with wonderfully three-dimensional hotel buildings.

five tribes

The overall quality of Five Tribes is not without controversy, but the level of entertainment is - at least for me.

So first a few words on the subject of the board game. The former throne holder of the Sultanate of Naqala has been blessed by the time - bad for Naqala, good for the fellow players of Five Tribes, because it is they who are now fighting for the throne of the Sultanate of Naqala. As in the real world economy, it is about power and influence. Charles Darwin would jump for joy, because in Five Tribes only those who can best adapt to the morally free business world will win (ok, I still hit the poor business people). 

It is important to use your workers (meeples olé!) Skillfully or to remove them from the board. This is also the biggest difference to similar board game concepts: In Five Tribes the players take their workers off the board instead of placing them. It's all about these meeples!

The game concept is great and the game designer Bruno Catahla has the courage to try something new. A game round consists of several sections: First the turn order is bid, then the meeples are moved. Then the actions of the meeples and the location cards are carried out. The possible sale of goods cards concludes.

So there is more than enough to do at Five Tribes and there are no idle periods. Great: The playing possibilities with almost 90 meeples on the board (It's all about These Meeples!) Are almost unlimited, but decrease a little towards the end of the game.

Five Tribes is recommended for all board players who are into placement and move games with tactical demands. My conclusion: you have to try it out!


The board-playing Latin student would say “In Vinhos veritas” – at least after enjoying the first one or two glasses of the noble grape juice. In Wines it's all about, who would have thought it, wine. 2 to 4 players work as winemakers at Vinhos and try to set up a well-running wine business. The tasks are varied: choosing vineyards, analyzing the stocks of barrels and ultimately producing the best drop.

The game board is beautifully designed and transports players to the Portuguese vineyards. Many small wooden parts look great on the gaming table. After a short while, the board looks busy and busy. Great for everyone who likes an attractive look.

Airlines Europe

Anyone who has always wanted to own their own airline will join Airlines Europe sure happy. The board game by Alan R. Moon is aimed at 2 to 4 tough managers from 10 years of age. Over 100 airplane miniatures make Airline Europe a real eye-catcher and turn the gaming table into an international airport.

The passenger aviation market is growing rapidly and every player is out to make big and fast profits. Investors are the key to long-term success. Airlines Europe plays terrifyingly close to the real world and gives adult players in particular the odd headache or two. The stock system makes Airlines Europe a lot more complex than, for example, step by step. If the game is coming to an end and there are only two players left, Airlines Europe will still be excited. This great game concept rightly conquered the second place in my top 5 of the best board games for adults in the business & development strategy category.

good luck for

The top 5 of the best board games for adults - Economy & Building Strategy category
The top 5 of the best board games for adults - Economy & Building Strategy category

Drum roll. Fanfares and applause. Here comes the winner of the top 5 best board games for adults in the Business & Development Strategy category: Good luck for!

Welcome to the coal pot, where it's not only dark but also pretty dirty. So ideal conditions to get a well-running business operation on its feet (ouch, swipe). In Glück Auf, 2 to 4 seasoned buddies fight for victory.

Solar energy and green electricity - what's that? Bring on the coal, which is stored in large quantities in the ground and is just waiting to be extracted by you. who Good luck for If you want to really enjoy yourself, you can play the board game in the sunshine on a meadow near the Zeche Zollverein in Essen or on the Halde in Bottrop.

Anyone who wants to make coal with the coal should first produce lorries and take them to the mines to start mining there. But only certain types of black gold fit on each order, so a little skill is required. The deeper a tunnel is, the more expensive it is to mine - annoying when only limited quantities can be found in each tunnel. As you can see, Glück Auf is more tactical than it initially seems. Although starting the game is easy, the game always remains exciting and you can only win if you make the right decisions.

Glück Auf is the ideal board game for families and pure adult groups ... and it has movable conveyor baskets!

Definitely test and be enthusiastic about the game idea of ​​the authors Wolfgang Kramer and Matthias Kiesling.