A board game adaptation of the cult horror film The Thing is currently running as a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform. The game by Pendragon Game Studio is based on John Carpenter's shocker from 1982 and not on the unsuccessful new edition from 2011, which Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. tried to make for his cinema debut. Board game fans probably had Carpenter's classics in mind and are already diligently supporting the campaign: the project will run until October 14, but is already considered to have been successfully financed.

The thing from another world, according to the German translation of the horror film with the simple original title "The Thing", was a new figurehead for the then animation technology in the early 1980s. Nasty figures and splatter effects were the focus of production at the time, and the teaser from Pendragon Game Studio, the makers behind the new board game adaptation for the Universal Studios license, suggests exactly that. The Thing looks much better on the game board: the miniatures correspond to the original figures, but the slime factor is missing.

The Thing has already reached funding target

First announced in 2018, the board game The Thing has now made the leap to the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The title is aimed at up to eight players, but also has a solo mode. The setting is based on the original film. You have to survive in an abandoned outpost in the middle of a frosty tundra. The biggest problem is not wind and weather, but a nasty alien creature that can change its appearance and thus adapt itself optically to the characters. This results in a playful traitor mechanism - quite exciting, already found by over 1.00 supporters who have long since carried the board game The Thing over the targeted funding mark of 42.000 euros.

The gameplay focuses on survival acts that players perform through card actions. For example, it is important to ensure that enough fuel is available or that food is available. Players have to think until help comes. This is not easy, especially because a player could also lie: So the group has to work out which player could be a possible alien organism and make appropriate accusations.

The alien player tries to sabotage the group. Image rights: Pendragon

The alien player tries to sabotage the group. Image rights: Pendragon

The players win in the horror board game if they can destroy the alien or escape from the outpost. The alien player, on the other hand, wins if he can wipe out the group.

The Thing board game comes from Pendragon Game Studio, the same people who created the deductive horror board game Last Friday, which is inspired by the 31's slasher movie genre. So the co-authors are Andrea Crespi and Giuseppe Cicero. Incidentally, the new board game for The Thing is not the first project for the film license: Mondo Games already tried the template with “The Thing: Infection at Outpost 2017” in XNUMX, with very good results. In addition, the board game "Who goes there" is based on a corresponding short story.

The pledge costs 79 euros. Several stretch goals have already been activated, the last currently specified is reached at 130.000 euros. the Pendragon Game Studios campaign runs until October 14th.

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