Nowadays there are countless series and seasons on Netflix, Prime, Disney+ and many other streaming services. But only very few achieve great media attention and accordingly a large fan base.

The Snowpiercer series only recently showed how a producer can produce an excellent series based on a film and use fame to make it a success. Based on the film of the same name, which was released a few years ago, Josh Friedmann was able to new classic publish on the streaming service Netflix and ensure a huge response.

content of the series

As already mentioned above, the US series Snowpiercer is about a post-apocalyptic world, based on the feature film of the same name by Bong Joon-hos. A permanently operating train is on a kind of never-ending journey across the world. After the world succumbed to a climate catastrophe, the entire surface froze and all life was wiped out except for a few hundred people, all of whom are on a single train. This is divided into many hundreds of wagons. In the rear wagons, however, all the socially disadvantaged were accommodated and treated with contempt, so that they instigated an uprising.

production of the series

Josh Friedman wrote the series and handed the direction to the legendary Scott Derrickson. Park Chan-wook, Marty Adelstein, Lee Tae-hun, Graeme Manson, Dooho Choi, Bong Joon Ho and Becky Clements have been hired as executive producers of the Snowpiercer series and they are doing an excellent job. In the background they do it production companies Tomorrow Studios, Studio T and CJ Entertainment are responsible for administrative and organizational tasks. The series will be broadcast in the USA by the broadcaster TNT, but in Germany and Austria it will also be broadcast by the streaming provider Netflix.

Season 1 to 3 overview

In the first three seasons, basic mysteries and secret information about the train and the class society are explained to the viewer and gradually broken down. After seven years of traveling around the frozen earth, only a small remnant of humanity survives on this massive train. Within the train, however, a class struggle develops, which takes on more and more violent effects. The reason for this is that only the better-off, rich people are allowed to enjoy all the privileges and live rich, extravagant lives, while the lower classes at the back of the train starve and waste away. This injustice is counteracted and a huge uprising is set in motion.

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Preview of season 4

The start date for the shooting of season 4 in Vancouver is already known. Filming will take place between March 28th and August 5th, 2022. So it remains to be seen how the series will continue! However, if you can't wait, you should be on the state of the art of the shooting and can read the opinions of other viewers.