With The Scare Factory, SupAR Games has submitted a board game for crowdfunding on Kickstarter, which is supposed to teach players to fear - literally: The aim is to scare away attacks from a laboratory together. The campaign runs until November 12th, at the other end you want to have collected at least around 55.000 euros. The standard pledge is the equivalent of 69 euros.

It is probably no coincidence that the campaign for this board game starts in October, of all things. It's about fear, fear and weird shapes. The story behind The Scare Factory is easy to tell: Players work in a laboratory, hordes of opponents, led by a powerful boss, want to storm the laboratory.

The Scare Factory thematically implements mechanics

The tower defense board game The Scare Factory is aimed at one to four players, and mad scientists don't want to be disturbed in their work. The creators implement the topic of fear on the board using a cardboard AI powered by dice and cards. Incidentally, role reversal is included: This time the players embody the undead, whom the living want to get the rest of the leather. This runs as a cooperative game concept in which trains want to be thought ahead.

The playing field is created from individual laying plates, image rights: SupAR Games

The playing field is created from individual laying plates, image rights: SupAR Games

At the end of the day, The Scare Factory is a nutshell in the sense of a puzzle game. Omen cards are the starting point for setting up the game. The cards determine the ratio of tiles to be used that must be placed by the players and thus form the playing field. The trick promises at least an enormously variable structure of the game. Because the characters each have their own skills, the Scare Factory creates noticeable variance. A game should last between 90 and 120 minutes.

SupAR Games wants around 55.000 euros through the Crowdfunding Campaign generate in order to be able to realize the board game. You have until November 12 to do this. The first supporters have already discovered the project, if you take the first 48 hours as a benchmark for the "hot phase", the campaign is going rather slowly, the current financing level is the equivalent of 3.000 euros.

SupAr offers two pledges for The Scare Factory: The basic game is available for 69 euros, an expansion is available for the equivalent of 114 euros.


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