The web is full of games and online casinos. On the one hand, gamers are happy about it. On the other hand, they are quickly overwhelmed with the large selection. Many games look great. On closer inspection, they unfortunately turn out to be bad investments. This annoys the player and does not lead to any positive reviews from the providers. A situation that experienced players know how to avoid by gathering information.

Are you planning a really cool Vegas night with your friends at home? Then there's a lot you can do to create the right ambience. Don't worry, you don't have to buy a roulette table to entertain your friends. In an extensive Casino comparison you can choose virtual casinos where you gamble. And if it is supposed to be a round of poker at the living room table, there are cheap chips to buy that increase the casino feeling even more. We have the coolest tips for you on how to bring the ultimate Vegas feeling home.

Determine the motto of your party - dignified or rather casual?

If you have a game night with board and card games organize, everyone can come as they like. But the ultimate casino evening is different, here you set the motto of the party. There is a dress code when visiting a casino in Vegas, men wear jackets, women wear evening dresses or smart pants suits. If you want to bring the feeling of Las Vegas home, you too set a dress code.

How do you want your guests to feel? Like Casino Royale, or more like that laid-back backroom dive known for its poker adventures? Specify what you want and indicate in the invitation that you should pay attention to the wardrobe.

Grande event or small home party?

Now the question arises how big you want your party to be. Are you celebrating your birthday and the guest list is somewhere beyond 100 people? Then you can rent a hall and create a Vegas feeling here. If you want to approach it professionally, you can rent some space in a stationary casino and receive your guests there. If you want to play for real money, that's even mandatory, because the German gambling law provides that only licensed casinos are allowed to offer roulette and co.

If it's just for fun and you play for chips instead of money, you can also rent the clubhouse or play at a smaller party in your own four walls.

The right games for your event

Now that you know where your party is taking place, it's all about choosing the right games. Very few have their own slots available, so traditional table games are your best bet. Roulette, poker and blackjack are among the most popular casino games and automatically evoke a Las Vegas feeling. As a host, it is imperative that you the rules of the game for poker and has a perfect command of the other games offered so that you can explain them to others. If you want to be professional, include rules sheets already printed in the invitation cards for your guests to study before the party.

Of course, you need the right equipment to make your party authentic. Very few people have a roulette table at home, but you can help. You can get playing cards everywhere, you can also ask your friends to provide you with their sets. You can't rent a roulette table that easily, but you have the option of buying a game set or building a wheel yourself with a little skill.

A large dining table with a printed casino tablecloth is then your gaming table where you can place your chips. Ideally, opt for French roulette, you can buy appropriate tablecloths in stores. The variant of gambling is more popular and better known.

You can buy tokens as a set, but you can also make them yourself. A little bit of acrylic paint and some solid cardboard are enough to cut out or punch different denominations to have enough tokens for the party.

Exclusive tip: If you want to add a little more luxury to your party, you can rent gaming tables and accessories through casino agencies. Even support from a professional croupier is available in this way. The costs are between 400 and 500 euros per table and evening.

The right catering for the casino evening

Without snacks and drinks, the desire to celebrate quickly goes down the drain. Elaborate dishes are not decisive at a theme party, it is more important that the snacks go with the party. For drinks, long drinks are a must-have, if you want to hark back to good old Bond traditions, opt for the martini.

You can either have cocktails mixed by a hired bartender for large events or you can get the equipment yourself. Crushed ice, two or three different types of cocktails and their recipes, a couple of fancy glasses and a shaker - and you can become a drink hero yourself. But also have some non-alcoholic spirits available, ideally in small glass bottles. So your guests can quench their thirst without getting drunk.

When it comes to snacks, it's best to use morsels, as they are easy to eat and can disappear in your mouth between rounds. When playing poker casually at the table, pizza rolls and a cold beer are a cool combo that inspires everyone. Hamburgers are also a good choice, they can be enjoyed on the side and you don't need a lot of cutlery.

When throwing a glamorous Vegas party, the welcome bubbly is a must. A good glass of sparkling wine is also okay as a cheap alternative. Finger food is the best accompaniment for an elegant evening, filled dough rolls, small canapés and tomato-mozzarella are quick to prepare and always a good choice.

The last step - the right decoration for the casino party

Make it yourself or buy it? When it comes to decorating the casino party, a lot of creativity is required. Black and red balloons are indispensable, the two colors symbolize gambling. You can also quickly conjure up a garland from an old, discarded deck of cards. Black and green tablecloths automatically provide a bit of a casino ambience and are also a good choice outside of the gaming tables.

You can make a lot more out of playing cards than just garlands. Use them to make name tags for the tables, decorate the buffet with playing cards or even bake muffins that have been decorated accordingly.

And at the end you need cool music that fits the motto. Here you can reach into your bag of tricks and heat up the mood for a happy casino evening with friends with songs like "The Winner Takes It All" or "Viva Las Vegas" and bring it to a boil.