In the solo area, the "Oniverse" is a fixture. The mix of accessibility, challenge and compact size resonates. Now author Shadi Torbey announces the next title in the Oniverse. But the announcements don't stop there. There is also good news regarding all previous titles.

In 2010, author Shadi Torbey submitted Onirim the cornerstone of the Oniverse. There are now six titles that can be played solo or cooperatively in pairs. The Oniverse is a mysterious dream world that is now expanding with a seventh title. But that's not the only thing to report. The location of the Oniverse is also changing. Since the beginning of Onvierse, the games have been published by Z-Man Games. Then in 2019 it became clear that Z-Man Games, now part of the Asmodee Group, after Aerion would not release any more titles from the Oniverse. This rekindled an idea in Torbey that had occupied him since Onirim. The games will be published by his own publishing company inPatience. This excludes new releases from Onirim, Urbion, Sylvion, Castellion, Nautillion  and Aerion a. The novelty Stellarion will mark the launch of the publisher. But inPatience will not only publish Torbey's games. Two titles by talented authors who have not yet been named have already been announced. The first of these games is scheduled for release in 2023.

Stellarion - To the stars in the Oniverse

What all games at inPatience have in common is that they are solo playable. The Oniverse offers solo challenges that can also be played in a cooperative variant with two people. The other titles of the publisher will also not only be exclusively playable solo. However, the ability to play it solo should be considered from the start and not just “forced” after development. The re-release of the well-known Oniverse titles should coincide with the release of the novelty Stellarion occur. After hand and deck management play Onirim  and urbion, the tower defense game sylvion, the tile placement game castellion and the two dice games Nautilion  and Aerion is in Stellarion deck management is again present as a mechanism.

Beyond that, not much is mechanically known. From the theme, which in these games is actually only relevant to the artwork, the players here are in the position of director of the observatory. Telescopes are aimed at the stars, planets and cosmic nebulae of the Oniversum and rockets are waiting to be launched into space. All the cards you need are divided into eight piles and the contents of these piles are known. These "resources" must be managed wisely in order to have the right cards available at the right time.

As usual in the Oniverse, the playing time also exceeds Stellarion not the 30 minutes. The game is suitable for 1 or 2 people aged 10 and over.

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