The popular classic game Carcassonne will receive a completely new spin-off for the series in the fourth quarter, also by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. The highlight: the title works independently as well as as an extension. There are always many innovations. The board game is distributed by Asmodee Germany

Dense fog covers the meadows, swallows up entire farmsteads and creeps up to the city walls. Even the bravest knights tremble and their armor clatter when they hear the monks' tale: "The mist brings forth the souls of the Cathars who were hunted during the Crusades. And they come back for justice!”

Players must appease ghosts

With a spooky story, Hans im Glück prepares the framework for the new title in the popular Carcassonne series: Nebel über Carcassonne, the title of the offshoot, is a new one family game, which is scheduled to appear in the fourth quarter of 2022 - and it has several special features. "For one thing, it's a completely standalone game that introduces a cooperative mode to Carcassonne for the first time," explains Asmodee Germany, "On the other hand, all the material can be integrated into the huge Carcassonne world in the form of various modules and thus used as an extension."

In the cooperative mode of Mist over Carcassonne, forces must be joined and spirits appeased. To save everyone, they must stem the spread of ghosts, contain the haunted earth in the cemeteries, and use the spooky haunted castles to their advantage. The game is played according to the well-known rules of Carcassonne in terms of placing tiles and collecting points.

But at the same time, everyone has to work together to keep as few ghosts from appearing as possible and to survive three days. If there are too many ghosts on the field or the tiles run out before they have collected enough points, everyone loses the game together. Different levels of difficulty provide enough challenge.

Fog over Carcassonne appears in a similar design to the new ones that were also released recently Carcassonne 3.0 Version that impresses with modern artwork and graphics. The new game contains a total of 45 meeples in two new forms, 60 Carcassonne tiles that are compatible with all other Carcassonne versions and thus provide more variety and options, and some other special parts.

The author of the new game is Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, who also created the original game and a variety of expansions for the extensive Carcassonne world. With Nebel über Carcassonne, he and the publisher Hans im Glück are now breaking new ground that will delight fans and new players alike.


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