Most know the villain Loki from the Marvel movies, better said than Thor's brother. This has created its own television series due to its popularity. The Marvel series "Loki" on Disney + is a huge hit. It was even officially announced recently that this is returning with a second season. Read more about the series starring Tom Hiddleston below.

Who is Loki? Loki is the son of the frost giant King Laufey. When he was born, he was too weak and sensitive to his species. Then the king decided to leave him in a temple. In 965 AD the arsenic won against the frost giants and it turned out that Loki of his kind was the only survivor. The King of Asgard Odin finally took him in. Loki was bewitched to look similar to the arsenic. He was raised next to Odin's son Thor, which makes him his brother. When he discovered that he could not be crowned King of Asgard by being a native Frost Giant, he developed envy of his brother Thor. So that he could calm his negative emotions in the hope of finding his own recognition value, his mother once taught him all the things about magic. After a short time he learned to create illusions, to transform himself into other living beings and to manufacture his own weapons.

Main character Loki, history and plot

These forces were evident in the penultimate Avengers Movie: Infinity War, in which he turns against the villain Thanos and as a result has to pay with his life. Loki had turned for the better and wanted to protect his people and their future. Shortly before his death, he mentioned that he was part of both lineages.

What is the series about? The series is about the joke Loki, who already stood out in the previous Marvel films with his humor and cynicism. By rejecting his own adoptive father, Loki has developed a serious trust problem, which is difficult for him to shed. Because of this, he does not allow feelings and affection. He lacked fatherly love and through this lack he became more and more mean and ruthless. At some point he completely wandered to the dark side. As mentioned before, he gets his good side back and supports Brother Thor in the battle against Thanos. The series takes place after the events of the last Avengers: Endgame. Officially he is dead, but returns in the form of a journey through time. With this return he draws attention from the Time Variance Authority. They are responsible for monitoring the multiverse. Loki finds out that something is wrong behind the organization and sees them using the Infinity Stones as paperweights. A difficult sight for any Marvel fan ... It's good that this organization needs his help. More about the series is on to find.

Streaming platform Disney + and Co.

The first season of Loki consists of six episodes of around 45 minutes. It can only be streamed on Disney +. Disney + has proven to be a high-flyer among streaming platforms. At first only known for the family-friendly program such as Aladin, Cinderella, Toy Story and Co., the Marvel Comic Universe was once again given a shovel. Superhero films and Marvel series productions have established themselves and enjoy great popularity. But it is also set to original, i.e. Disney + in-house productions, which are only available there. The media library is further filled with old school classics and series and much more.

In contrast to other streaming platforms such as Netflix, the price-performance ratio only offers a fixed price that includes everything that is very clear. The menu is also set up to be easy to understand and user-friendly. With Amazon Prime, for example, not all films and series are activated, so you have to pay more, which is tedious and annoying. Online casinos, for example, can be equated with streaming platforms in these points. Dozens of providers are presented, but it is often difficult to choose the right one. Pages like help you to find the best online casino in Germany. Safe and hassle-free withdrawals are guaranteed with the deposit-back guarantee and top customer service. In the online casino you also have other advantages such as staying anonymous, finding generous bonus offers, playing for free without registration and much more. The great thing is that they offer just as much flexibility and diverse selection as streaming services.

Future prospects

This begs the question of how things will continue in season 2 after the order in the multi-universe has been turned upside down. If you haven't understood the end, you can read the meaning again, what this means for the Marvel Universe. The confirmation for season 2 can please every Marvel fan in the credits of the last Loki episode.

The Loki series is an exciting science fiction & fantasy adventure in which new worlds and places are explored. It appears gloomy and clears up more and more about the events from one episode to the next. If you are a fan of the Marvel films, Loki should not be missed. Anyone who has already seen all six episodes can alternatively watch the other Marvel series Wanda vision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier look at. More on this is on to read. These are also highly recommended! We are sure to hear a lot more from Marvel in the future.