“Star Wars” fans are already eagerly waiting for Friday, October 30th, because on this day the long-awaited second season of the globally popular series “The Mandalorian” starts on Disney +. In keeping with this, “Baby Yoda” will soon be making the space shooter “Star Wars: Squadrons” unsafe and can also be found on the new Xbox wireless controller in the Mandalorian style recently announced by Microsoft. Believe the "Baby Yoda" hype?

After the first season of "The Mandalorian", a series from the "Star Wars" universe published on Disney + by author and producer Jon Favreau, ended in December 2019, fans had to wait a few months for the start of the second season. Now a second trailer for the new season of the series was released at the start of the week. This fires the anticipation once again and gives the audience further insights into the whereabouts of the bounty hunter Mando and his foster child "Baby Yoda".


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In the second season, as previously known, they go in search of “Baby Yoda's” home. Once again, they receive help from allies. But some of these companions have yet to be searched, for a long time nothing has been reported about surviving Jedi knights, with whom Mandalorians incidentally do not have the best relationships. Not to forget, meanwhile, the empire seems to be getting more and more interested in "Baby Yoda". "The Mandalorian" will be released for the first time on October 30th on Disney + and will then be broadcast weekly, always on Fridays, as a single episode.

"Baby Yoda": Could it be even cuter?

Cuteness factor par excellence: fluffy fluff on soft-looking, green baby skin, large, shiny eyes, round cheeks, a small nose, Yoda ears in miniature format. Anyone who has already followed the first season of the Disney + series “The Mandalorian” cannot defend themselves against the cute childish scheme of “Baby Yoda”. Even seasoned men can sometimes let out an infatuated sigh at the sight of it.

Because when Baby-Yoda, in his flying cradle, floats next to the bounty hunter Mando and makes happy squeaking noises while he looks with his big, dark eyes in the direction of the audience, even the most callous "Star Wars" veteran sinks in delighted his couch cushions back.

"The Mandalorian" content announced for "Star Wars: Squadrons"

EA's “Star Wars: Squadrons” announces “Baby Yoda” content at the start of the second season “The Mandalorian”. Starting tomorrow, October 28, there will be new cosmetic content for the space shooter. The player can unlock 8 new cosmetics from the Mandalorian universe.

These include "Baby Yoda" as a bobble-head co-pilot, the models of the Razor Crest and an IG assassin droid as well as a Beskar bar and the holograms of a Blurrg and a Rodian. The new content is available to players by completing operations and challenges. Impatient “Star Wars: Squadrons” players can use in-game currency for the bobble head “Baby Yoda” and other cosmetics.

Microsoft: Controller in the Mandalorian look

Meanwhile, Microsoft announced today, October 27th, that it would be releasing a "The Mandalorian" Xbox controller to match the second season of the hit series. According to its product description, this should be wireless, with double the range, and equipped with an Xbox Pro charging stand. In addition, the Mandalorian gamepad should provide a special gaming comfort thanks to its ergonomic design and textured handles. Players can customize the buttons on the controller and, thanks to a magnetic contact system, continue to play with one hand while charging.

Xbox controller in "The Mandalorian" design is trendy. Image: Microsoft

The Xbox controller in “The Mandalorian” design is trendy. Image: Microsoft

The shiny design of the controller is particularly noticeable. The likeness of the bounty hunter Mando and his weapon can be seen on the charging station, the controller itself looks like it is made from Beskar bars and “Baby Yoda” can also be found on the “The Mandalorian” gamepad. The cute serial hero watches the gamers play with his big googly eyes from the back of the controller. The controller should be suitable for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, Xbox One, for iOS, Android and the PC. An exact release date has not yet been officially set. Microsoft specifies December 31 as the likely placeholder.

Players who want to know that the controller is in good hands after the gaming experience can get a “Baby Yoda” as a cable guy that goes with the “The Mandalorian” theme.

"Believe the "Baby Yoda" hype?”- Look at that little guy! Who could resist that?


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