The new board game for The Lord of the Rings from the publisher Kosmos shows his face – and also that of a rather sinister-looking Gandalf. Kosmos had not previously published the illustration of the board game box - the publisher has since done so. You can also pre-order the family board game.

Cooperatively, players can adventure on the road to Mount Doom in Kosmos' new Lord of the Rings board game. That's where it's headed - you probably know the basic story from the movies or books. 

Adventure to Mount Doom

Game designer Michael Rieneck (before, among other things, The Pillars of the Earth, Cuba or Merlin) is responsible for the implementation of the new Lord of the Rings board game. The game is described as "an easily accessible family game". The costs are moderate at around 35 euros. The board game can already be pre-ordered – according to online retailers, the title will be released on September 22, 2022.

For up to four players it will be exciting on a "cooperative adventure journey through Middle-earth". There are well-known figures from the license template: If you follow the box graphic, at least Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Boromir and the four hobbits appear. In addition, of course, there is Gandalf, 

It is important to bring Frodo and Co safely to Mount Doom - the characters are moved by the "clever selection" of dice. If the brave hobbit reaches the mountain, everyone wins. If Frodo fails, it means defeat. The content of the game according to Kosmos: A game board, eight dice and 80 cards, plus a dice board and two display tiles – that's all it takes. According to the publisher, The Lord of the Rings - Together to Mount Doom will be aimed at players aged ten and over.

The new board game for The Lord of the Rings is one of several novelties from the publishing house Kosmos for autumn. The board game will appear alongside other titles in the Exit puzzle series, The Crew - Return to the 9th Planet, a new title from Cartaventura and, among others, the new entry in the popular Andor series.

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