It's the moment that fans have long been waiting for: the strategic Living Card Game Lord of the Rings is finally available as part of Early Access on the Steam gaming platform. Asmodee Digital continues the trend to implement well-known board games as digital versions. The digital card game was developed by Fantasy Flight Intercative. Three founder packages are now available for players. With the official release, Lord of the Rings: Linving Card Game will be free to play.

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Heroes like Gandalf, Aragorn or Frodo have long been part of pop culture. Although the first literary processing in Germany began as early as 1969, the high fantasy saga by JRR Tolkien has gained enormous popularity, especially in the course of the modern media age. Books, radio plays, comics as well as board, card and video games too Lord of the Rings are reliable sources of income for publishers. The novel alone was sold around 150 million times worldwide.

The living card game for the LotR franchise was already able to inspire fans in the analog version. It has long been known that Asmodee Digital would adapt the title as a video game. The early access phase on Valve's Steam gaming platform is now running out Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game. Fans can choose from a total of three start-up packages, which cost between EUR 7,99 and EUR 45,99. In addition to cards, the packages contain in-game currency and cosmetic items.

The Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game available as Early Access

At the end of the development phase - and thus for publication - Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game be playable for free. Players are already familiar with this procedure from other Free-2-Play games.

There is also one available for the card game Collector's Edition exclusively through Fantasy Flight Games, which also grants early access. In addition to virtual goods and a soundtrack as mp3, the collector's version also contains a special version of the Lord of the Rings LCG and a brass replica of the legendary One Ring.

In contrast to other digital card games, Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game the cooperative games in the foreground. As a player you form a community of three heroes, build your deck and lead the troop through a story campaign. In the course of the game you will encounter iconic characters from the Lord of the Rings universe, but also completely new characters created especially for Lord of the Rings: Living Card Game were developed.

Players get through this Link directly to the offers on Steam.


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