The new edition of the Living Card Games for The Lord of the Rings is available in brick-and-mortar stores, as pointed out by the publishing house Asmodee Germany. Before the official start of sales at the beginning of February, players can secure a copy as part of a special offer from selected retailers. When does it start? Immediately!

From now on, fans can go into battle against Sauron and his armies – provided they get one of the now available copies of the new edition of the Living Card Game from selected retailers. "Quantities are limited, so hurry up," Asmodee exclaims.

Lord of the Rings enters a new round

The new edition of the Living Card Games for The Lord of the Rings is primarily aimed at those players who have missed the entry into the LCG series, which has meanwhile been expanded by numerous expansions. With an exclusive sales campaign, Asmodee Germany is strengthening the stationary trade - with buying opportunities nationwide: from Berlin to Göttingen to Wiesbaden.

Various game retailers should already have the title on their shelves, and Asmodee announced the start of the campaign. This will now run until February 3rd, one day later the new edition of the Lord of the Rings card game will officially go on sale.

The Living Card Game has been completely revised with the new edition. According to Asmodee, the version is compatible with all previously released expansions. Up to four players can compete together in the scenarios. Quality of Life improvements were the priority on the program – nothing has changed in terms of gameplay, apart from a new campaign mode.

"The new The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game core box is 100 percent new player," explains Asmodee. The content enables a direct entry into the fantasy adventure, which can be expanded with expansions.

A list of all participating shops is available online:

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