The Legends of Andor is not only available as a board game, but also as an app. If you can't get enough of Andor, you can find our contribution to it here future Andor part "The Eternal Cold".

Numerous board games now also have app offshoots or app variants. So does The Legends of Andor. United Soft Media Verlag has brought a digital Andor game onto the market with "The Secret of the King". You can now find out what it can do and what it offers.

How do I play the Andor app?

Once you have installed the game, you start with a small tutorial. You can skip this if you already know the gameplay of Andor. It's still worth it to familiarize yourself with the controls. In general, the interface is quite full, but not overloaded. You can see the schedule and you can zoom in and out. For each character, the options for action – movement, fighting, resting and ending the move – are displayed at the bottom left. As usual, your timeline is at the top. As I said, at first glance it all seems very crowded, but you get used to the layout and handling very quickly. I played the game on a 10″ tablet. All statements on handling refer to the device. I can't judge how well the game runs on a mobile phone, but I have my doubts - simply because the screen is much smaller.

Once you've downloaded the game, you don't need another internet connection. It is thus a classic single player/offline game. The game is for one fixed price (currently €5,99) and contains no advertising and no further in-app purchases. You can find the app here PlayStore and here for the PlayStore.

Screenshot from the game (Andorid), photo: USM

What does the game offer you?

"The next morning the heroes were visited by Prince Thorald. A silver stag had been sighted in the Vigilant Forest and the prince, whose love of hunting was known across the land, did not want to pass up the opportunity. He invited the heroes to the great hunt.” Introductory text to the first legend.

The Legends of Andor - The Secret of the King offers you a story with 12 scenarios. Before each scenario you can choose between Normal and challenging choose the difficulty level. In addition, you are the well-known heroes Kram, Liphardus, Pasco, Thorn and their female counterparts Bait, Eara, Chada and Mairen to disposal. You must select at least two of these, but you can also fight with up to four. As with the board game, this has an impact on the difficulty in the form of the shield at the Rietburg. 

Generally I would like the game as clear solo game describe. In theory, however, it is also possible to discuss the trains together. I would recommend it as a solo game though. 

I also like that playing with a beautiful music is highlighted. There are now also some soundtracks for the board game, so it makes sense to include one in an app. 

So far I've only been on one Map played: The classic Andor map from the first part. While I haven't played far enough, I've found hints that there will be another map as the game progresses. 

The core of the app, like the board game, is a Time and resource management. If you like defeating all possible opponents on the game board and exploring as much as possible, you will generally have problems with Andor. She is subject to clear time pressure for all tasks: task x must be completed by time y. Each monster you defeat also advances the time stone one step: A large part of your strategic considerations is based on the consideration of which steps you should take, which opponents you defeat and which you let pass (to save time, after all you are allowed to enter let some enemies come to the castle).

Chronological order: According to the Andor forum, the chapters are set between legend 3 and 4 from the first Andor game

Pros/Cons – For whom is the app worthwhile?

Overall I really like the app so far. The implementation is consistent for me and the music is a nice addition to the game. The game always ran smoothly for me (Lenovo Tab M10FHD) without any problems. 

However, there are a few aspects that bothered me. For one, there is no real retraction. You can undo pure movements, but not everything else. Movements only as long as you are not performing any further actions. This can get really annoying, because one small mistake can doom the entire legend. The board game has a clear advantage here. After all, it can always happen that you have chosen the wrong character or the wrong action. 

Another weakness is that the goals are not always clear. There are some areas where you can view the current goals and you also have hints on the timeline when events occur. However, it still happened that a legend was suddenly lost because an event (which I had not had in mind) was not allowed to occur. Maybe that was just me, but I have the impression that I never had such problems with the board game. So keep an eye on the goals.

As with the board game, the game has a certain twist frustration factor. Battles against monsters are rolled and the monsters have a certain advantage (equal dice are added) over the heroes. As a result, it can happen that a legend that runs perfectly is then lost due to bad luck with the dice - and that can be really annoying. But now an advantage of the app: You only need a few clicks and the legend starts again.  

Since there are some legends, you have sufficient playing time; I think it is good value for money. Once you've played all the legends, you can increase the level of difficulty (if you haven't played on hard right away). The replay value is probably similar to the board game. You know the story, but still things can happen here and there that affect the story. In the board game, for example, there are different opponents or events are selected at random. Whether the app also has such elements, I do not know yet. But I can imagine that if the legends are old enough, you can definitely play them again - after all, you probably don't remember the exact history of all legends. 

If you like the principle of Andor and also like app games, you will also have fun with the app. In bed, on a long train journey, during a break - you can now always have Andor with you. If you don't like Andor or the focus on time and resource management, you probably won't have any fun with the app. 

More information about the game can be found here, on the game page.

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