The Last of Us fever has long since spread. Now, however, there is bad news, at least for those fans who would have liked to play the first part of the video game series on the PC shortly. According to Naughty Dog, the release has been postponed.

The HBO series adaptation of The Last of Us is not only well-received by fans, it is. Rarely has a series captivated viewers so much - and from episode one onwards. Most recently, this was the case with Chernobyl, among others. Hardly surprising: the same showrunners are behind both series. The fever around The Last of Us should also spread to the PC in early March – but nothing will happen.

The Last of Us Part 1 only about three weeks later 

Naughty Dog still needs time to get the PC version of The Last of Us part 3 ready for launch. "These additional few weeks will allow us to ensure that this version of The Last of Us lives up to your standards and ours," the developers said recently. The PC game was originally intended to be launched on March 28rd, but now it is expected to be March XNUMXth.

The postponement of a few weeks can be overcome. Mainly because the developers want to use the time to deliver the best possible quality. This is also necessary in view of the grandiose success of the series, because the high standards of the HBO adaptation should hardly have lowered expectations. 

Naughty Dog wants to announce more details before the release of The Last of Us Part for PC. Fans don't have to do without information bites entirely. The game costs around 60 euros via Steam for the PC and is therefore around a tenth cheaper than the PS5 version. So there is basically good news. And here's another one: The game will also be verified for the Steam Deck at release, so it will run optimally on Valve's handheld marvel. 

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