The video game The Last of Us is being adapted as a board game. This surprising announcement was made by CMON, the studio behind board games such as Blood Rage and Rising Sun. The makers, who were previously responsible for similar projects for God of War and Bloodborne, among others, have experience with the implementation of video game licenses. However, there is no release date for the board game for The Last of Us yet.

Naughty Dog's action adventure The Last of Us is implemented as a board game. Gamers will probably be delighted in two ways: On the one hand, fans of the game, for which a successor was only released in the summer and caused a sensation, now have the chance to play the title away from the screen. On the other hand, all those players who do not have a Playstation can also enjoy the brand. The Last of Us is one of those exclusive games.

The Last of Us presumably with strong narrative elements

In the announcement of the board game for The Last of Us by CMON, the makers rave about the video game. As Geoff Skinner, head of the licensing department at CMON, confirms, The Last of Us: The Board Game will use those narrative strengths that have already distinguished the video game. For CMON, The Last of Us in the digital version is an experience full of tension and intense action-packed sequences.

After the release of The Last of Us II, there were a few fans in particular negative headlines:

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The studio will now develop a board game that will probably make use of the success factors of the template, above all the successful background story. This probably includes twists and turns or decisions that could affect the course of the game. CMON has not officially confirmed this, but it makes sense to knit a board game around these elements. On the other hand, The Last of Us: The Board Game is the first board game based on the license. CMON could derive freedom in the design for the development.

CMON announces good news for all fans of the brand and the studio itself, which has recently been a massive one Postponement of Trudvang Legends had to announce. For CMON, it is not the first cooperation with Sony: Board games previously appeared for God of War and Bloodborne, among others.

In the end, fans have to wait and see where the journey will go in terms of play and mechanics. The announcement does not contain any more detailed information about the board game for The Last of Us. So far, there is also no indication of a possible publication date.


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