Crusader Kings 3 has a release date. In the middle of summer, on September 1, 2020, the new offshoot from Paradox's medieval strategy game series will be released. The crown is placed on the next ruler who leads his kingdom to fame and power - or to its downfall. Crusader Kings 3 doesn't want to be a mere copy of the predecessor: the title offers a medieval sandbox with a gigantic scope. The game is available in a standard version as well as a “Royal Edition”. 

Crusader Kings 3 remains true to its line as a Medieval Grand Strategy Game. That sounds like a strategic heavyweight and in the end it is. Once again, the royals as a noble dynasty are at the center of the action. It is up to the players alone to steer the history of their royal family - you might think right down to the decision which boot color goes best with the crown. That means: Crusader Kings 3 is again pure sandbox.

Crusader Kings 3 will get you through the summer

Forget swimming pools, holidays by the sea or boring reading lessons in summer. Instead, put on your crown and blast to the crusade. As rulers in Crusader Kings 3, players can again be many things: Glorious, noble, indulgent, but also tyrannical. The successor starts where Crusader Kings 2 ended - this also includes all of the content that has appeared in the previous version through countless DLCs. CK3 is a comprehensive hodgepodge and the epitome of a royal surprise box. You can do anything, you can do anything, but then you have to bear the consequences for your actions.

Broken down to the essential elements, Crusader Kings 3 by Paradox Interactive is again a gigantic sandpit in a medieval world in which players and their ruling family have determined social and political events for centuries.

In the end, players do nothing less than write their own story. The strategy game about castles, knights, crusades and betrayal is one of the most popular series in the Medieval Games genre. The innumerable details are responsible for the success: every character that players meet in the course of the game or that they control themselves has a unique personality. This is not just jewelry, it actually affects the game.

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Paradox Interactive announces “Infinite Possibilities” for the. Presumably that's even true - in any case, such statements in Crusader Kings 3 are more than pure “marketing chatter”. Players choose their noble house, from regions from India to Iceland, and are then responsible for five centuries where the journey of their royals goes. Because diplomacy does not always lead to the desired success, swords may also be drawn: There is war in Crusader Kings 3 and that is probably not too close. Players assemble their vassals and mobilize their forces to besiege enemy castles or put down riots. Individual skill on the battlefield can mean glory and honor, but strategic planning is the key to victory.

In the successor, marriages also remain one of those strategic elements that have an impact on the course of the game down to the DNA level - and thus nourish power, influence and fame. At the same time, religion remains an essential factor. Rulers remain loyal to their religious leaders or commit sins in the interests of their state. One can even become a heretic if the situation so requires. Alternatively, you simply proclaim a new religion - you are ruler over everything and everyone.

If that doesn't help, dark machinations ensure that in the end what should happen happens - this includes, among other things, ordering assassinations. Great religious wars, peasant revolts, cadet branches of dynasties, heretics, superstitions, castles, knights and wars of succession - all these historical events can be experienced by players over the centuries.

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Crusader Kings was never a title for fair players. In the third part, too, the optics are more of a means to an end, albeit clearly pimped up. The progress is reflected on the screen: Characters age and change their appearance, as their character traits influence their appearance. The higher the rank, the fancier the clothes.

Crusader Kings 3 can be pre-ordered from the well-known online retailers and in the Paradox Store for the RRP of 49,99 euros in the standard version or 74,99 euros in the “Royal Edition”. The latter contains the Expansion Pass and thus, among other things, the first major expansion. The release of Crusader Kings 3 is planned for September 1st.

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