The Kennerspiel The Hunger by successful author Richard Garfield skillfully combines deck building and a race against time into a fresh, new gaming experience. Interested parties can get to know the title at a free organized play event in specialist shops and get a few promos right away.

The Kennerspiel The Hunger by Richard Garfield (Magic the Gathering, King of Tokyo/New York) arrived at the Pegasus Games Warehouse at the end of June. Almost a month earlier than originally planned, fans of deck building games, vampires and/or Richard Garfield can embark on this nocturnal adventure.

Board game about bloodthirsty vampires

As bloodthirsty vampires, you have to hunt people in the mountains, plains and forests as well as on the water and collect as many blood points as possible. However, the more the vampires drink, the slower they become as they move across the landscape, as all hunted humans go into their own deck and only rarely grant the vampires movement points for the turn.

Instead of hunting humans, vampires can gain mates that bring them lasting benefits. They can also acquire new abilities via vampire cards, choose hunting targets that bring them additional points at the end of the game, or collect treasures. Some might even dare to make their way to the maze at the end of the track and pick one of the rare, night-blooming roses that vampires are particularly fascinated by. So there is a lot to do.

But be careful: The night ends after only 15 rounds and who is not back in the castle - or at least in the cemetery - burns to ashes. Then all accumulated Blood Points will be forfeited. Alternatively, you can also play on the back of the game board, then the vampires are safe again from the rising sun in the mountains. This variant is particularly suitable for newcomers.

Interested parties who would like to try The Hunger will have the opportunity to do so thanks to an organized play event in specialist shops over the next few months. Everyone who takes part in Organized Play will receive a set of six starting cards as a participation goodie, each of which replaces one of the normal vampire starting cards from the base game. There is also a copy of the "Golden Rose", a particularly valuable card, for the winner of an organized play game.

No prior knowledge is required to play along. All dates for The Hunger's Organized Play can be found here:

According to Pegasus Spiele, there will be further promo cards with the next editions of the game box and the ring messenger as well as at events at the publisher's stand. Only the first edition also includes four promo cards.

The Hunger is a connoisseur's game for two to six players aged ten and up and lasts around 45 to 90 minutes per game. The suggested retail price is EUR 49,99.

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