In 'Defining the Front Line', President & Senior Engineer Michael Legg, Senior Producer Ted Morris, Lead Designer Chris Becker, Senior Designer Patrick Pannullo and Senior Content Designer Renato Orellana welcome commanders on the Western Front to a briefing where they take a deeper look into a number of key features of The Great War: Western Front.

World War I was known as a war of inches, a conflict in which both sides pressed on the other side, often making minimal gains at great cost. 

Strategy game in World War I

In this first episode, discover how the Petroglyph team aims to bring the First World War to life, where the outcome of every battle is not determined solely by victory or defeat. As a field commander, players return to the battlefields as the campaign progresses, where lush green fields give way to barren patches of mud, craters and crumbling buildings. They determine their strategies by digging webs of trenches in the landscape, attempting to steady their forces while the unrelenting costs of war sap their national will.

However, preparations for each battle begin before even the first trench is dug. Every decision the player makes in the role of theater commander offers new tactical possibilities, both on the campaign map and on the front lines.

Developed by legendary studio Petroglyph (Command & Conquer: Remastered, Star Wars: Empire at War), The Great War: Western Front allows players to use their commands to influence the course of the war. Will their decisions bring about a quicker end to the war? Or will the outcome of the war possibly change due to different technological advances? When the time comes, it's up to the player to relive or redefine the story.

The Great War: Western Front is now wishlistable on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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